Nespresso Compatible Pods How do they Compare?

  • 11:29 AM, 8 Aug, 2020

I am so glad to see Starbucks has started producing all-time favorite coffees in compatible pods for Nespresso machines. In Singapore we can buy House Blend, Sumatra, Colombia, Espresso, and Decaf Espresso blends at present for $6.95 for a sleeve of 10 at NTUC and Cold Storage supermarkets. 


 I recently got three colorful packs of Singapore made Nespresso compatible pods packs from Hook Coffee.  


Thinking they were flavored coffee, as the package indicated, I got super excited with these options of flavored pods for our machine and thought they were the aroma profiles.


Hook Coffee’s “CHOCO LOCO” package describes the pods in these terms; “Rich Coffee Blend with hints of Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Biscuits and Maple Syrup”.  Sounds fabulous right?

Absolutely no hints of these delectable flavors!  

I tried the next package” SWEET BUNDCHEN” Rich Coffee Blend with HINTS of milk Chocolate and Nuts”, ‘BIRDS OF PARADISE ‘; DARK CHOCOLATE with STONE FRUITS’ these two were all super let downs as well. The package should not have all these fancy flavors listed as you cannot taste any of these.   

Opening the pods, I noticed, the cover is a double layer made of paper, the grounds did not feel as if they were thoroughly soaked. The Starbucks pod’s coffee grounds were wet, and enough water/steam had gone through to maximize flavor producing a good amount of crema. Hook Coffee was drier than expected. They may have a better crema at their café but pods don’t work at all.

Final verdict: I will stick to my Nespresso pods and now Starbucks has my business as well.

I would like to see Matcha Latte pods next, as they are now not available. 

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