Donergy Offers Authentic Turkish Food in Singapore

Affordable, Authentic and Excellent Turkish Food

  • 06:17 PM, 9 Sep, 2020

Farah Cowan is delighted with a Turkish Restaurant she discovered in a most un-Turkish place in Singapore. Take a Millenia Walk with her to discover tastes you won't soon forget.

Have you been to Turkey and longing for some of the excellent food you experienced there? Craving for something exotic after too many months of not being able to travel? Head down to Donergy at Millenia Walk (01-90), a few steps from the Starbucks. Not the most exotic place in Singapore, but it offers something special.

If you are looking for excellent Turkish food in the Arab Street area you are looking in the wrong place. Although we are not able to travel, presently, finding new outlets for foodies is not a problem in multicultural Singapore

Kebab Tombik is a meal in and of itself

Donergy, an authentic Turkish/ Mediterranean café, was a surprising discovery. Its fresh food, the selection and the affordable prices delighted us. A perfect place to have lunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. And escape from the monsoon-like downpours that have been rinsing the city. 

The cafe has an unassuming, relaxed atmosphere where you can take a friend or your family to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Some stop in for an authentic Turkish dessert with a cup of black tea - just like it is served in Istanbul - in delicate tulip-shaped glasses.  

Spinach Pide - Picture Courtesy of Donergy

The Turkish chef bakes his fresh pita on the premises, the extensive  menu offers favorite items such as kebabs in chicken or beef with different variations.(Kebab here is what we know as Doner in Turkish - literally meaning going round and round - rotating on one big vertical spit.  

This is the most common variety found in Istanbul where you can have a pita stuffed with meat and fresh salad and a refreshing yogurt dressing.  

Do not worry if you don’t eat meat. They also provide vegetarian delights such as spinach, vegetable or mushroom Pides (flat bread stuffed with your choice of meats or vegetables with Mozzarella cheese. 

Lentil soup with pita is offered in two sizes

Other side dishes such as Babaganoush (pictured above); eggplant dip with Tahini and Humous, can be shared. We ordered half and half to enjoy both. The plate came with piping hot pita and it was just a sheer pleasure to have the dips with the freshly baked bread for our starters. 

We also had the lentil soup, which was delicious, and again it was presented with a side of warm pita. 

As we enjoyed our lunch, Kebab Tombik- seemed extremely popular – just as Donergy was never stuffed like a pita, but it was never empty, it was if someone gave the word, you come now, there is an available space. 

Kebab Tombik is stuffed pita with beef/chicken or mixed with lots of greens, pickles, tomatoes and a side of yogurt and chili dips. Very filling and satisfying. Portions are very generous and the price at $9.00 it does not break the bank.  

We shared Kunefe, a fried cheese desert, with a nice glass of black tea. It is a must try and should be enjoyed together with Turkish tea, as on its own it’s too sweet. If you don’t like cheese, then try the Baklava. We had Kunefe two weeks in a row!

The owners knew what they were doing when they created Donergy. They brought together all the dishes that you would experience travelling in Turkey, and they hired the staff who can deliver it, just as they would at home.  

 Rice pudding and our favourite desert Kunefe! 


 Chef preparing fresh pita

They offer free delivery island wide with orders of $50 and above.

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