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MPAS Merit Award Winner 2015 for Front Cover of the Year (Trade)

Winner of 2016 & 2018 MPAS Travel Media of the Year

FCowan Media publishes

                      Asian Journeys and contract published  Asian Trucker, Singapore & Changi Log


Floyd Cowan

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Social Media Manager: Farah Cowan        Design and Art Direction: Tanty Idrus        Artistic Consultant: Frank MacKenzie     IT Consultant: Bernhard Powolny

Associate Editor: Jenny Tan - asianjourneysmedia@gmail.com                                          Associate Office: Malaysia  Stefan Perz stefan@asiantrucker.com


Mike Smith                                                       Robert Stedman                                    Ferdinand (Ferry) de Bakker                          

David Bowden                                                  Irene Millar                                            Kate Webster                                                     Jonathan Holburt

Stefen Pertz                                                       Mick Shippen                                         Brooke Thio

Carolyne Jasinski                                             Greg Hackett 

Winner of the Mpas Award 2018 Travel ​Media of the Year - Bronze
​Winner of the Mpas Award 2018 Feature Article of the Year (Trade)  
Winner of the Mpas Award 2017 Cover of the Year (Trade)

Winner of the Mpas Award 2016 Travel Magazine of the Year

Winner of the Mpas Award 2015 Feature Article of the Year (Trade)
Winner of the Mpas Award Merit 2015 Cover of the Year (Trade)

Winner of Friends of Thailand Award 2013

Author of Bull Riding, Rodeo's Most Dangerous 8 Seconds  $30.00 order directly from fcowanmedia@gmail.com
Author of Zero Visibility order directly from fcowanmedia@gmail.com


The Orange Sofa available on Amazon:Amazon

Unicorn Eyes available on Amazon: Amazon

Walking Home available on Amazon:Amazon

Circuit Breaker available on Amazon: Amazon


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Publisher, Floyd Cowan has worked on numerous international publications around the world. Here are a few of the magazines he edited or wrote for in Singapore before starting his own media company, FCowan Media which publishes Asian Journeys.

Asian Trucker, XL magazine, XL Extra, Prestige, the Peak, G+,Wealth, Roof & Facade, Asian Escapes, Steel News & Notes, Cuisine & Wine Asia