Meet With Purpose At Conrad Hong Kong

  • 06:29 AM, 29 Sep, 2018

Sustainable Water Serving Ware Makes Every Sip Special in Meetings and Events

HONG KONG, Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ As one of Hong Kong's most respected luxury hospitality labels, Conrad Hong Kong pays close attention to the smallest detail to let guests enjoy a lifestyle of elegance and sustainability. The hotel's Meet with Purpose initiative has launched a new strategy on drinking water. Instead of plastic bottled water, fresh water and gemwater are served on beautifully designed dispensers and drinking vessels to reduce waste and help guests stay hydrated mindfully.

Inspired by Travel with Purpose -- Hilton's corporate responsibility strategy -- Meet with Purpose at Conrad Hong Kong provides business professionals with sustainable choices to incorporate into events they organize. The new initiative not only enhances the experiences of attendees, but also aligns with their corporate responsibility goals. Adding to a number of measures already in place to conserve energy, the hotel has stopped serving plastic bottled water in events and meetings. Substitutes are found in the form of the water dispensers and glass bottles produced by Nordaq FRESH and VitaJuwel, both industry leaders in glassware for water drinking with the reputation of prioritizing users' wellness.

 Nordaq FRESH specializes in eco-friendly solutions for drinking water. Its patented filter system effectively removes impurities and retains the natural minerals in the liquid. The water dispensing counter of Nordaq FRESH quickly fills up vessels with chilled still or carbonated water, allowing event attendants to enjoy great tasting water while fully staying in the loop. The other trademarked products of the brand are their reusable water bottles, which are as sleek as they are eco-friendly.

Thanks to the revolutionary concept of VitaJuwel, meeting and event participants at the Hotel won't be just saving the nature, but be in one with it. The brand uses gemstones to purify water and further impart positive energy to the liquid. Hygiene is guaranteed since the gemstones won't be in direct contact with the water, but are stored inside a pod or vial inside the vessels. These pieces, from smaller bottles to the large water dispenser, are all created by master craftsmen in Europe. Looking at their refined contours would surely bring a sense of peace to business professionals who have busy schedules to get through.

The hotel offers an array of gemstone combinations, each boasting its individual power to assist guests to reach success on various occasions. For instance, "Wellness" comprises of rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz to give out smooth tasting water with an invigorating effect. The emerald in "Vitality" is a confidence boost alongside focus-enhancing clear quartz. Not only an eye-catcher, lapis lazuli and rutilated quartz make up "Inspiration" which comes in handy in settings requiring creativity. The most precious of it all, "Diamond" made out of diamond silvers and clear quartz would make your regular water drinking ritual something extraordinary.

Conrad Hong Kong is equipped with a quality setup of meeting and event facilities. Its eleven function rooms satisfy customers' needs for venues of various sizes and functions. All of them feature wireless internet access and first-rate audio and visual devices. In addition, the veteran event specialists at the hotel work with the guests closely to create inspiring and impressive experiences. Along with Meet with Purpose, other corporate responsibility initiatives of the Hilton Group, such as LightStay to measure analyze our corporate responsibility performance, are tailored to let guest live sustainably.

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