Grand Hyatt to Take Mice in Asia Pacific to the Next Level  

  • 24-Jul-15

Grand Hyatt is repositioning itself in the MICE market in Asia Pacific in response to a huge demand for creative and memorable experiences in this space. With the rise of Asia’s travelling middle-class, and the tremendous MICE growth of 133 percent in the past six years, MICE in the region is poised to grow even further.

Globally recognized for its MICE and F&B excellence and carrying with it an illustrious legacy, Grand Hyatt is at the front and centre of this exciting trend. An expansive upgrade delivering new levels of product, service and creativity in the Events, Rooms and Restaurant and Bar spaces can be found in Grand Hyatt hotels in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne, Bangkok, Shenzhen, Macau and Tokyo.

“We conducted extensive surveys and interviews to find out what our MICE planners and guests required from us. We discovered that people increasingly want and seek a successful, enriching and personalized meeting experience, as well as options for pre- and post-event activities and excursions,” said Carina Chorengel, Senior Vice President of Brand and Commercial Strategy Asia Pacific, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. 

Key highlights from Grand Hyatt’s MICE research:

1. F&B excellence is key to the quality of delegates’ experience

Grand Hyatt formulated this new MICE strategy around important value-adds, such as catering to different cultures, healthier choices and dietary requirements. Also, MICE delegates looking to enjoy food from Grand Hyatt’s award-winning restaurants will be delighted to learn that the hotels can arrange special menus from these restaurants to be served in event spaces. For example, guests at Grand Hyatt Singapore can enjoy mezza9’s award-winning Asian and Western menu without needing to head to the restaurant. Furthermore, if clients require authentic local cuisine from around the world, Grand Hyatt hotels can support this need by flying in chefs from sister Grand Hyatt hotels globally. 

2. They are looking for memorable MICE experiences

The research also unearthed a desire from guests for Grand Hyatt to boost company gatherings with action, adventure and wellness-focused team building. As well as coming together for a meaningful and memorable company experience, delegates expressed a desire to unwind from their fast-paced, 24/7 digitised lifestyles. In Asia where intra-region travel can be the norm for company delegates, it is a key mission of Grand Hyatt to open the door to this relaxation.

The Campus at the Grand Hyatt in Bangkok epitomizes this combination of company gathering, relaxation and action. Best described as a ‘learning and social’ centre, The Campus allows discussion to flow naturally between C-suite executives and their associates around the pool table or long-form benches as they nostalgically recall their student days. The Campus offers a rare opportunity to devise new company strategy in an easy and unbound atmosphere.

“Hotels are in the business of making memories,” says Carina Chorengel. Grand Hyatt offers a holistic way of crafting these memories. In this way, a memorable ‘wow’ factor could come from The Campus, or from cultivating an intimate collaboration in The Residences (residential-style event venues that consist of flexible spaces such as living rooms, loft kitchens and coffee bars), which are ideal for smaller, high level events. The Salon du Theatre at Grand Hyatt Macau and Grand Hyatt Shenzhen transforms into culinary fireworks with a spectacle in which the chefs show off their skills and reveal their trade secrets to a discerning, yet riveted audience.

3. They appreciate local flavour

MICE capitalizes on the new bleasure trend – where business meets pleasure. Increasingly, in our socially shared world, travellers search out experiences that enhance their work-life-balance.

A business trip provides ample opportunity to connect with the host city through an entertaining MICE or standout F&B experience. Grand Hyatt understands that business travellers often do not have much time to explore the city’s food scene and savour local culinary delights. To ensure guests get a proper taste of their destination city, many Grand Hyatt hotels include restaurants and bars that specialize in local cuisine. Guests at Grand Hyatt Beijing eager to experience the city’s famous Beijing Duck can head to Made in China. The renowned restaurant at Grand Hyatt Beijing was awarded “Best Beijing Duck” by the 2014 Reader Restaurant Awards. Travellers looking to experience home-style Cantonese cuisine will enjoy One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. The restaurant is known for its take on one of Hong Kong’s favourite local desserts - mango pudding.

For guests who do not have time to enjoy the locale pre- or post- meeting, Grand Hyatt hotels can arrange to bring the local experience into the meeting. This could include bringing in local vendors to display their local crafts for guests who do not have time to purchase souvenirs for family and friends back home, or arranging for masseurs from the hotel’s spa to offer energizing 15 minute neck and shoulder massages during the coffee break.

4. A curated approach is the key to MICE success

Grand Hyatt has integrated the Hyatt group’s purpose of caring through empathy as the path to connect with guests to understand the key drivers behind a successful MICE experience.

“Our associates are trained in empathy, in listening and watching techniques, to truly understand the needs of a MICE guest. This can be the requirement for quality face time in group meetings or introducing the ‘wow’ factor. Ultimately it’s about the mutual exchange of ideas between hotel and organizer to create a vision that surpasses the expectations of our guests. Our aim is to put our guest as the centre of this experience,” said Carina Chorengel. 

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