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(Singapore June 19, 2020) As Singapore is released tonight from Circuit Breaker into Phase 2, which means we can now get out and see humans in the flesh, I believe we all approach this time with excitement, and not without some trepidation after more than 73 days in isolation, but it seemed the right time to release this song.

You are invited to the world-wide launch of the “Accor All Stars” and their first song production, with the one-world-hit-wonder “Will we travel once again?”  

Now, normally BC (before COVID) when we’d invite you to something, we’d all hug and swap business cards; and we’d provide Champagne and food to enjoy, there would be speeches, lucky draws and the like, but of course AC (after COVID) this is not possible!

So, to enjoy your exclusive song launch concert in peace and comfort, please sit back, put your feet up, turn up the volume or pop on your headphones, pour yourself a drink if you like, and enjoy the amazing talents of Accor’s staff from across Asia Pacific! 

The song, with words written by Cynthia Dammerer, and supported by Accor’s  teams and staff across the network, is sung by Accor’s own Veronique Nel, (pictured) and charts the fears and feelings of all our wonderful Accor staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Firstly, as they faced the fear of what COVID19 was, where and how it was spreading, and the growing reality of the grim human toll it was taking. First in China, then Europe, then the world.  

The song laments the catastrophic global spread of the disease and the doom of severe lockdowns lasting months, with an inability to see loved ones, work or travel. 

It then highlights the more positive side of the impact we started noticing, on the environment being given breathing space, reconnecting with family, and when Work From Home would never have been dreamed of prior to the pandemic. 

The themes of human resilience and strength, and a new global caring attitude in humanity, and - most of all - how we could only beat it as a team, are all featured in the song.     

We dealt with fake news, crazy remedies being touted, loss of millions of jobs, the pain of losing friends and family, fear of catching the disease, and, ultimately now, as most countries emerge timidly from border closures and being closeted at home, it is the feeling of hope that maybe we WILL enjoy a “new normal” one day soon.

Listen to the song and check out the talent of our Heartists here: YouTube


Someone told me long ago

There’s a calm before the storm

We know…

It was in China for some time

We were carefree and blasé

We’d go to bars and hip cafes


Now we’ve got it coming!

I wanna know

Have you ever seen the pain

Who do we trust

If we’ve never seen the pain? 

Well just you wait

And soon you’ll see… 

They said it’s just an Asian flu

Nothing much the world could do

Wash your hands…

N’ sanitise and wear your masks

So we did, and we survived    

And now the world is on its side 

But in…

A giant fiscal down slide

I wanna know 

Have you ever seen this pain  

I wanna know  

China, Italy then Spain

Loved ones gone…all dead in vain

Drink Dettol, seek bright lights  

WHO to believe for true insight (see what we did there….WHO)

Fake news! 

Shut it down and stay at home!

Politicians blamed the crowds                                                                                     

Cruise liners were not allowed

Our jobs, they were gone like water…

We all wanna know

Will we ever fly again?

We all wanna know?

Can we hug and kiss again?

N’ feeling free 

With no disdain

But now we find our planet’s blue

Oceans found time, to re-new 

We knew, 

We’d mistreated nature too

The world is new for me and you

But we are strong, our human zoo

I know

Surviving all this madness

We wanna know, 

Who you’ll hug and kiss again?

We all wanna know

Can we just go vaccinate

Or do we wait?

And fight it through    

Yeah yeahhh

I wanna know 

Fight or swallow all our pain

I wanna know

Will you walk with me again                                                                                                     

N’ feeling safe… and so care free

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