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Passionately Curated ‘Sleep by Design’ Therapy Debuts At 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts

Passionately Curated ‘Sleep by Design’ Therapy Debuts At 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts

complete with sleep butler

  • 19-Nov-17

One of the hallmarks of the 137 Pillars Brand is passionately curated experiences – and what better experience than a deep, restorative, quality sleep.  To alleviate the stress and strain that comes with our fast-paced lives, 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts have created Sleep by Design Therapy for guests at their Bangkok and Chiang Mai properties.

The two current treatments in the programme are Sleep by Design Therapy which is available for suite or residence guests and is conducted at Nitra Spa & Wellness or in-room; and Sleepdown for suite guests which is conducted in-room at the guests’ requested time.

Under the guidance of the group’s Spa Consultant, Roger Moore (affectionately known as 00137), a four-part Sleep Therapy treatment has been created that calibrates and touches all the senses in a blissful, relaxing 90 minute ritual to prepare the mind and body for a deep restorative sleep.

Exclusive to 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts’ Wellness Programme, the Sleep by Design Therapy programme is a deeply restorative, soothing and relaxing treatment that improves quality of sleep and recovery through a combination of traditional holistic elements, combined with the latest technology. 

Sleep Therapy is available at Nitra Spa & Wellness or in the guest’s suite as they prefer. 

Act 1 – Setting the Stage

Prior to the guests arrival, the stage is carefully set with dimmed lighting, pre-warmed towels (or electric blanket during the north’s cooler months in Chiang Mai if required), room temperature set to between 23-25 Celsius, a specially formulated Sleep by Design aroma sprayed in the room, an oil aroma burner lit, Glyph headset or Binaural beats headphones are placed and an eye mask is available if the guest prefers it to the Glyph.

Act 2 – Nitra Sleep Therapy Introduction

The Sleep Therapist welcomes and prepares the guest with a gentle floral foot cleansing ritual and sets the Glyph headset and/or headphones with gentle tones to induce relaxation of the senses and slow the breathing rate. Relaxation is further enhanced with the addition of rolling magnesium oil on the ten key pulse points of the body.  A 5 minute Reiki treatment is conducted on the 7 chakra points, finishing with the head with chakra oil drops being applied to each of the 7 chakra points. 

Act 3 – The Active Zone

After preparation, the guest is ready for the active part of Sleep Therapy.  The ritual continues with a massage starting on the left foot at 50% pressure in a very slow rhythm to match the guest’s breathing pattern.  Sleep by Design oil is used in conjunction with specific pressure point massage.  The massage continues in a smooth unbroken pattern, to the calf and thigh and then repeats on the right side. 

This is followed by a Chi Ne Tsang abdominal massage, after which the initial technique on the legs, continues upwards in an unbroken motion on both arms.  Shoulder points are massaged both front and back followed by facial and ear pressure point work, culminating in a scalp massage (removing the Glyph headset if used)

Act 4 – The Final Curtain

As the treatment continues, in this final stage, Reiki is applied from head to foot, culminating with gentle pressure point work on the kidneys.  During this phase, a soothing bath is run using specially curated Sleep by Design bath salts to further enhance the guest’s relaxed state.  To complete the experience, an evening dream tea blend of lavender and chamomile tea is served.

It is highly recommended to combine the Sleep Therapy with the Sleepdown Service for the ultimate experience and a heavenly restorative sleep.

Sleepdown Service – performed in-suite (for suite guests only)

The innovative Sleepdown service was created to assist 137 Pillars well-travelled guests enjoy a deep and restful sleep experience. As a wellness milestone the Sleepdown service is provided by our trained Sleep Butler and Sleep Curator.

The ProcessThe Sleep Butler arrives at the guest’s suite at a time of their choosing and presents a relaxing lavender and chamomile evening dream tea in preparation for the Sleepdown experience. This assists the brain to move from the stressful beta state to an alpha state – preparing guests go into the theta and delta sleep states for full recovery sleep.

The Sleep Curator draws a bath to the guest’s desired temperature, which is scented with calming bergamot bath salts to aid and support relaxation of the body, the bath salts were especially curated for 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts.

As the guest enjoys their evening dream tea, the Sleep Butler describes the ingredients to apply to prepare for Sleepdown, including:-

•              Ten relaxation pulse points application of Magnesium oil – these points are on the inner and outer ankles, inner wrists, carotid artery on the neck and on the temples.  The oil is absorbed into the bloodstream and enhances relaxation through these key pulse points

•              A soothing foot spray

•              Application of a touch of throat spray for soothing of the throat, mouth and nasal passages for added relaxation

•              Presentation of a short bedtime story book

•              Setting of the guest’s preferred sleep music choice from the following selections: -

•              Ambient sounds of nature

•              Binaural / Monaural beats

•              Classical Selection

•              Audio Bedtime Story

•              An eye mask and earplugs for later use

•              Climate control is set to the desired temperature for sleep and bedside lighting mood to soft setting, bedside slippers, bathrobe and beside mat are placed and an optionional comforting hot water bottle placed in the bed

•              The Sleep Butler and Sleep Curator check the bath temperature with the guest and ensure the do not disturb sign is activated

On checking everything is in place, the Sleepdown Sleep Butler and Sleep Curator then depart, wishing the guest a pleasant sleep.  

Guests can also enjoy this wonderful ritual at home with 137 Pillars Sleepdown Travel kits.

Sleep by Design Therapy is priced at THB4,500 (USD134 approx) per person and Sleepdown service is priced at THB1,500 (USD45 approx) per person.  Prices are subject to applicable service charge and government taxes.

For more information and reservation enquiries, please contact 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts

Tel:                         +66 2079 7137

Email:                    info@137pillarshotels.com

Website:                www.137pillarshotels.com or www.slh.com

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