Rooted in Singapore’s Downtown Core – Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore

  • 08:48 AM, 17 Sep, 2018

Prolonged stays when abroad require comfy yet practical places with a bit more space and amenities. Serviced apartments offer exactly that, and the Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore in Singapore’s CBD does it extremely well.

When they say it is all about location, location and location, then this property has all the aces up its sleeve. Not only is it placed right smack in the centre of the financial district, but it is situated on top of a supermarket, which makes it easy to stock up the fridge and cook up a storm to your liking in your room or apartment above. Getting in and out is made easy with the MRT just around the corner and a quick getaway is ensured as a taxi would be on the highway in no time. A lot of action in the evenings can also be had when heading to the nearby Lau Pa Sat, the world-famous hawker centre or the hip and vibrant Club Street.

While the building’s ground floor is bustling with activity, the residence itself offers a lot itself. Surely a favourite is the outdoor infinity pool, which, unlike many hotel pools, allows for some real lapping as it is long enough to get some strokes in. On the seventh floor, the heart of the Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, guests will find a spacious lobby, a bar to wind down and the communal breakfast room. The Resident’s Lounge adjacent to the “SE7ENTH” restaurant can be utilised as a meeting room by in-house guests as well as outside companies. Walk-in diners are encouraged to sample the food during lunch and dinner, which might be a great option to escape the hectic rush for “Chopeed” seats in the food courts.The rooms themselves elude a flair of luxury, as they should. Tasteful neutral design welcomes the long-term guest while hi-tech ensures maximum enjoyment. In the case of the smaller rooms, the kitchenette can be hidden behind wood-panelled doors. In doing so, the room gains atmosphere as one doesn’t get the feeling of staying in a mini-apartment where things have to be cramped in to satisfy the usage profile of a young working adult. Larger rooms offer separate bedrooms and are therefore great options for families or groups of people working together.

One highlight that deserves a special mention might be the BBQ pit that guests can reserve for their events. Located in the pool area, the party amidst the skyscrapers of Singapore will have a special flavour when hosting a dinner for family, colleagues and friends.

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