Accor Reveals its Thought-leading Health to Wealth White Paper


  • 17-Jan-23

(January 16, 2023) Accor, a world-leading hospitality group, today announced the release of its highly anticipated white paper, exploring eight key pathways for navigating business, society and leadership toward a future where human well-being and fulfillment are essential priorities. Titled, “The Road Map Towards a Transformational Well-Being Culture”, the research report is part of Accor's ongoing and insightful Health to Wealth series, designed to explore the world's state of well-being and the defining issues of our time. Health to Wealth has already released an illuminating 12-episode podcast featuring leading thinkers as well as an entrepreneurial wellness start-up challenge in Paris in collaboration with VivaTech.  

“The Health to Wealth white paper demonstrates that well-being must be recognized as an imperative for all if we are to maintain the equilibrium of our lives, our society, and our planet.”

Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President, Well-Being, Accor

“Accor is seeking to drive transformational change, supporting a shift toward the emergence of a well-being economy, with an earnest desire to help people, businesses, and communities achieve their priorities for alignment and prosperity,” said Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President, Well-Being, Accor. “The Health to Wealth white paper demonstrates that well-being must be recognized as an imperative for all if we are to maintain the equilibrium of our lives, our society, and our planet.”

The white paper highlights eight key pathways for businesses, governments and organizations to consider as they plot their own roadmaps toward a culture of well-being, enabling them to thrive in the future economy. These findings draw on the rich body of insights shared by the speakers in the Health to Wealth podcast series. Key pathways to progress include:

Well-being is body and mind – The link between mental and physical well-being has been widely documented and these learnings are yielding innovative neuroscientific technology with psychological and physiological benefits.

Measurement can optimize well-being – Governments, health organizations, and corporations are called upon to collect more comprehensive and meaningful health data – and act on it to improve the numbers.

Our well-being starts with our finances – With a longer-term goal to achieve a more equal distribution of wealth, it is essential to help people manage money and financial stress, while offering affordable well-being solutions.

Access to well-being needs to be fully democratic – Well-being must be inclusive, available, accessible, and achievable for everyone, regardless of wealth, gender, race, nationality, sexuality, or ability.

Joined-up thinking is required – As organizations, corporations, and nations connect their ideas and actions to a wider eco-system, the improving health of their populations leads to richer, more robust economies. 

Technology must become a positive force – Empowering individuals to have control over their data, privacy, and safety, while improving the quality of data that is shared, collected, and used, is a positive force for change.

Our own well-being is entwined with our planet – How we use the world's precious resources is critical to a sense of well-being in the world, ensuring our air, food and water supplies are safe, nourishing, and sustainable.

Well-being transcends cultural differences – The desire to be well is a universal aspiration and essential to being human; if recognized as a cornerstone of public policy, it can be the engine that transforms the world.

Like the the Health to Wealth podcast series, the white paper was curated by Well Intelligence, in partnership with Accor. Well Intelligence is a UK-based international business advisory group that champions the relevance and cultural lifeblood brought on by investments in well-being, guiding corporations in their quest to establish impactful well-being programs, fitter workforces, and healthier communities.

To read and download “The Road Map Towards a Transformational Well-Being Culture” in full, please click here.

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