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  • 17-Feb-16

Lewin Terrace is a beautiful restaurant situated on the slopes of Fort Canning. It's tucked up behind the Central Fire Station on Hill Street in a charming black and white bungalow that was once the residence of the Chief of the Fire Station. The Japanese-French fusion restaurant specializes in both Japanese and French cuisine.

It is a bit of a secret - not that they want to be. They would like everyone to experience the excellent food that Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto creates.

His most recent creation is the crunch of perfectly cooked French fries and the juicy succulence of a perfectly cooked steak. One more reason to visit colonial heritage bungalow is to experience its unique Japanese-French fusion cuisine amidst the cool of one the few green spots in the heart of the city.

In a quite nook of your own, romantic if you wish, or with your work colleagues, there is now the opportunity to try the thoughtful addition of the Wagyu Rump Steak Frites to its menu. Thoughtful because the team at Lewin Terrace thinks about what they are serving. With steak frites being one of the most sought after dishes by diners in Singapore, Lewin Terrace’s version could become a permanent fixture on the menu as one of its signature dishes. It is good, but they don't yet know if you are going to catch on. Singaporeans... you know how you can be when it comes to food that captures your attention.

In keeping with the restaurant’s renowned gastronomic dining experience and penchant for select seasonal ingredients that have made its food a favourite among diners, Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto chose the succulent premium cut of Wagyu rump for its uncompromising taste and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, while laksa pasta adds a unique and interesting element to the dish.

The laksa pasta is unique, and as I was eating it I was thinking, do I like this or do I not? It challenged my hot spicy range and it runs in contrast to the steak and chips. Some will like it, but I am not sure this is the right combination with the steak and frites - that are, as I said, good.  The Wagyu Rump Steak Frites is available for one month only from 15 February to 15 March during lunch from 12:00pm to 2.30pm at $28++.

Exclusively available at Lewin Terrace and their recommended ideal complement to the steak frites is a unique Japanese red wine, the Takahata Japanesque Bailey's Blend 2013 from Yamagata Prefecture. A superb blend of Japanese grapes with a rich flavour, it is priced at $10++ per glass to go with the Wagyu Rump Steak Frites.

Once again I found myself asking do I like this wine? Actually, I didn't dislike it, but I was looking for a flavour that really wasn't there. None came to hit you on the palate, but no negative notes played out either.

Go for there for the setting, it won't disappoint you. Chef Keisuke Matsumoto have talent, they are innovative and searching for the cuisine that will excite Singaporeans. That is a tall order in a city that lives to eat. My feeling is that they will achieve it. 

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