KasiOnRayaFest Highlights and Celebrates Ramadan and Syawal

  • 05:46 AM, 10 May, 2021
KasiOnRayaFest - Photo courtesy of Malay Heritage Centre

#KasiOnRayaFest: A Ramadan & Raya Fest 
Ongoing till 13 June 2021  

Online and onsite at the Malay Heritage Centre 

#KasiOnRayaFest is a hybrid festival that highlights and celebrates the months of Ramadan and Syawal. Join the Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) both online and onsite and be treated to a variety of activities this festive season!  

#KasiOnRayaFest follows from last year’s #OnxOnRayaFest. Read as “On Tak On”, it is a spin on the Malay language catchphrase which is used to ask someone if an event or activity can proceed or happen. This was apt given the uncertain COVID-19 situation last year. This year “Kasi On” rallies everyone with a resounding “Let’s make it happen”!  

From 4 May to 13 June 2021, MHC’s opening hours have also been specially extended to welcome more visitors – the centre’s compound will be open till 10pm every day, while the galleries’ opening hours will be extended till 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

ACM Celebrates – Hari Raya Puasa 
13 May 2021  All day

Online and onsite - Free with museum admission

Learn about Hari Raya Puasa through a curated, self-guided trail of the galleries. Create your own Raya celebrations at home with a recipe to make sayur lodeh, a traditional vegetable dish, and download a template to make a paper craft inspired by ketupat, a rice cake packed in a woven container usually served during Hari Raya. Continue the celebration on ACM’s Facebook with a lively welcome dance – Tarian Selamat Datang. Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!

Lap Lip 2021: An Iconic Landmark installation
Ongoing till 13 June 2021

Onsite at the Malay Heritage Centre

The Lap Lip installation is an MHC platform where artists are invited to reimagine how the traditional Hari Raya light decorations can be. For this year’s installation, MHC has worked with Tina Fung of Space Objekt to bring an immersive and engaging space that draws inspiration from the past and future. The structure is inspired by the architectural landscape of Kampong Gelam, with patterns inspired by Malay motifs designed by local artist Reza Hasni. In the centre of the installation is a space for reflection, with soundscapes that transport visitors to the vibrant bazaars of past Ramadans. Playing on lights and colours, the installation is worthy of social media postings in the day as well as night.

LapLip Light Installation - Photo courtesy of the Malay Heritage Centre

Hari Raya Cheat Sheet: Know your Kuih Raya like a pro
15 May 2021
Social media post to be released on MHC’s Facebook & Instagram pages at 6:00pm. This handy guide prepares you for all the kuih raya you’ll encounter during your house visits such as Kuih Semperit, Biskut Lidah Kucing Rainbow, Kuih Layang, amongst many others!

Kasi On! TikTok Dance Challenge
From 10 May 2021 onwards
Challenge to be released on MHC’s TikTok
Dance along to NADI Singapura’s dance moves in this Kasi On! Dance Challenge. Have fun!

Hari Raya Craft Activities
5 & 6 June 2021
Time: 10am – 11am, 12pm – 1pm, 3pm – 4pm, 4pm – 5pm
Held in MHC’s Courtyard
Pre-registration is required at: https://hari-raya-craft-activities.peatix.com/

Try your hand at making ketupat, hand puppets, and batik money packets as well as learn how to write in Jawi with your family and friends over our Open House weekend!

Gallery Alive: Drums & Percussions of the Nusantara
12 June 2021
MHC’s Auditorium
Pre-registration is required at: https://gallery-alive-nadi-singapura.peatix.com/
Join NADI Singapura as they introduce you to the first ever sample pack featuring drums and percussion beats from the Nusantara. It contains 122 sound files which feature recordings of drums from the Malay Archipelago such as rebana, kompang, hadrah, marwas and jidur. Single hits/sounds as well as drum loops are available in the sample pack too.
Beats from the sample pack can also be heard in the #KasiOnRayaFest theme song.

Concert: Project Altoration
5 June 2021
Concert will premiere on MHC’s Facebook and YouTube at 8.30pm AltoAura presents Project Altoration! Explore their signature sounds blending Malay traditional folk music with urban and contemporary genres in this special performance. This project re-introduces the works of local composers like Aidil Akmal, Reyza Hamizan, Rico, Hyrul Anuar and tujuh band.

Urang Banjar: Heritage and Culture of the Banjar in Singapore
Ongoing special exhibition
Urang Banjar: Heritage and Culture of the Banjar in Singapore is the fifth instalment in the Malay Heritage Centre’s 'Se-Nusantara' series of community co-curated exhibition and programmes on the ethnic cultural and diversity of the Malay community in Singapore.
This year, the exhibition focuses on the Banjarese community, or 'urang Banjar', who are arguably the smallest group that make up the Malay community in Singapore. Many of them are able to trace the journeys of their ancestors from South Kalimantan in Singapore from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries, but also share a common ancestral language, material
culture as well as a distinctive set of cultural norms and practices. The exhibition introduces the urang Banjar as well as their culture and identity through ethnographic objects, community stories and treasured family belongings, which showcase their strong sense of kinship, industry and history.

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