Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Hosts its 15th “Volunteer Plaza” Societal Contribution Event

Assistance Dog Demonstration, Charity Sale, Blood Drive

  • 12:25 PM, 9 Jul, 2018

TOKYO July 7, 2018 - Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a societal charity event entitled “Volunteer Plaza” in its banquet rooms on Thursday August 9, 2018. This annually held event has been very popular for its charity lunch, hotel shop charity sales, sign language concert and other various events. Also, members of Miss Nippon, which maintains its office in the Hotel, will join the volunteers to encourage people to participate in the blood drive, bone marrow donor registration, and fund-raising activities.The “Universal Support Experience” which was very popular last year, will be held again. Keio Corporation is also participating in this event, with staff from its railway and other divisions working alongside the Hotel staff to provide support to elderly and physically challenged guests. In addition, there are opportunities to wear specially created clothing and equipment to experience the difficulties in mobility that face elderly and physically challenged persons. The role of seeing-eye and assistance dogs will be introduced in an “assistance dog demonstration”. This event offers guests the opportunity to experience Boccia, a Paralympic sport that originated in Europe which is played by people with severe physical disabilities. The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo initiated efforts to increase access of its facilities to physically challenged guests with the establishment of 15 guest rooms (pictured) with special access to guests confined to wheelchairs at the time of the World Congress of Rehabilitation International in 1988. The Hotel has continued to take proactive steps to promote barrier free access since this time.  The “Volunteer Plaza” event will be held for the 15th time this year and is a project operated by the “Bird’s Eye” group, comprised of Hotel staff from various departments within the Hotel, to promote more aggressive efforts to increase the breadth of our barrier free features. This event is planned and operated through a coordinated effort between management, employees and the labour union. Proceeds from this event are donated to various volunteer groups.

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