True Colors Festival with Katy Perry Provides Perfect Reason to Travel to Japan (In Person Or Via Livestream) 

Katy Perry to Roar for greater inclusion and celebration of  diverse artists 

  • 07:24 PM, 7 Nov, 2022
Katy Perry

(November 7, 2022) Japan has opened to the world and is one of the hottest destinations on the radar for revenge travel. Now the True Colors Festival featuring Katy Perry alongside 100 artists from around the world, provides another reason to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Over two magical nights, Perry will roar for greater inclusion of artists with disabilities at a concert that promises to deliver on emotion, energy and entertainment. 

"What moved me to join True Colors Festival was the spirit and uniqueness of the festival’s message and the opportunity to share the stage with all these diverse artists. I’m excited to be back in Tokyo to perform at this inspiring event,” Katy Perry says.

India's nationally decorated dance crew We are One

TCF THE CONCERT 2022 will be performed twice, at Japan’s Tokyo Garden Theater on the evenings of 19th and 20th November. Katy Perry and all the artists will perform for both concerts. Tickets are still available for those who can travel to the concert but for those who can’t make it, the concert will be livestreamed both nights to take the message of One World, One Family around the world in the comfort of home.

Hotels and community centres are encouraged to share the event’s livestream with their guests and members.

Curated from around the world, these diverse artists will reveal – through powerful performances – uniqueness, the importance of belief and the truth of One World,

One Family. The audience can expect surprises, original film content, moments of connection and pure entertainment in this never-before multimedia concert experience.  

"Love is the goal of music.” - Shin Ikesue, founder of The Soulmatics


TCF THE CONCERT 2022 will be performed twice, at Japan’s Tokyo Garden Theater as a ticketed concert:

Saturday 19th (6pm Japan Standard Time) 

Sunday 20th November (5pm Japan Standard Time)  

Ticket Purchases in Japan 

Tickets for the live concert are available now!

Online from the following: 
●        Eplus, Inc. (イープラス) 

●        Ticket PIA (チケットぴあ Pコード) 

●        Lawson Ticket (ローソンチケット Lコード) 

●        CN Playguide (CNプレイガイド) (only available in Japanese)

Counter sales from Eplus, Ticket PIA and Lawson Ticket
Hotline booking via CN Playguide at 0570-08-9955
Overseas Ticket Purchases from outside Japan 

Concert-goers outside Japan will soon be able to purchase tickets online from Eplus, Inc. Please check the ticketing page of the website for updates and instructions. 


TCF THE CONCERT 2022 will be livestreamed worldwide for free. Do check the LIVESTREAM tab for regular updates.

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