Katy Perry Announced as Special Guest at  True Colors Festival the Concert 2022 

Katy Perry to Roar for greater inclusion and celebration of  diverse artists 

  • 01:59 PM, 8 Sep, 2022

(7 September 2022) True Colors Festival (TCF) – the long-running international festival of performing arts that celebrates diversity and inclusion – has announced Katy Perry as its special guest, performing for TCF THE CONCERT 2022. The global pop superstar will take the stage alongside a powerhouse line-up of artists from around the world, in a concert that will celebrate diversity and the power of music to connect people everywhere.  

"What moved me to join True Colors Festival was the spirit and uniqueness of the festival’s message and the opportunity to share the stage with all these diverse artists. I’m excited to be back in Tokyo to perform at this inspiring event,” she says. 

TCF THE CONCERT 2022 will be performed twice, at Japan’s Tokyo Garden Theater on the evenings of 19th and 20th November. Katy Perry and all the artists will perform for both concerts. 

With the theme One World, One Family, TCF THE CONCERT 2022 will bring together more than 90 singers, dancers and musicians – more than 20 groups and soloists – in a 2-hour concert experience culminating in a very special set by Katy Perry. 

Curated from around the world, these diverse artists will reveal – through powerful performances – uniqueness, the importance of belief and the truth of One World, One Family. The audience can expect surprises, original film content, moments of connection and pure entertainment in this never-before multimedia concert experience.  

Adrian Anantawan (Credit_Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong)

Among the artists are virtuoso violinist Adrian Anantawan (Canada) ; inclusive dance troupe BOTAN & DAZZLE (Japan); vocalist & 2nd runner up of The Voice, Italy Federico Martello (Italy), vocalist Harumi (Japan); international dance crew ILL-Abilities (multi-national); dancer Kenta Kambara (Japan); vocalist & clincher of the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent Mandy Harvey (US); Tokyo NAKAMA  

Dancers (Japan); Grammy-nominated vocalist and guitarist Raul Midón (US); vocalist & winner of the 2016 Karaoke World Championships Ryota Kaizo (Japan); rapper who has performed – twice to a TV and online audience of a billion Sparsh Shah (US); choir The Soulmatics (Japan); bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta (UK); internationally decorated dancers We Are One (India); rapper and composer Wheelsmith (Singapore); and four artists who performed in the award-winning Channel 4 2016 Paralympics trailer, We’re the Superhumans, which has been viewed more than 10 million times to date: drummer Alvin Law (Canada), pianist Rachel Starritt (UK), multi-instrumentalist Johnatha Bastos (Brazil) and vocalist Tony Dee (Australia). 

Harumi (Japan)

True to TCF’s commitment to be inclusive, THE CONCERT 2022 will provide a suite of accessibility features that will enable as many people as possible to experience the concert. These features include Japanese Sign, International Sign, real-time subtitles, audio description and personnel on standby at the venue for all guests in need of assistance. This will be the first time that so many accessibility features are being included at a TCF event. 

Says Sydney Tan, Creative and Music Director of TCF THE CONCERT 2022: “It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride putting together this mega concert across time zones and language barriers using WhatsApp, FaceTime, Email and Zoom…and in the midst of a global pandemic to boot! But what a wonderful privilege it’s been for me and my team. To seek out and to get to know each of these artists as friends, building relationships of trust and mutual respect.  

Viktoria Modesta (United Kingdom)

“So, what can you expect at the Concert 2022? I believe you will experience incredible levels of performance in a show with the highest production values, featuring the True Colors artists performing alongside the one and only Katy Perry. But beyond that, I believe it’ll be our privilege to get a peek into the lives of these extraordinary performers, and we hope that we’ll all come away with a sense of feeling like we are a part of ‘One World’, belonging to ‘One Family’.” 

TCF THE CONCERT 2022 is presented by The Nippon Foundation (TNF), which has long supported the rights of people with disabilities by working to create an inclusive society which empowers people of all abilities to live their lives with dignity and pursue their dreams. This includes establishing access to education from elementary to tertiary level, tackling employment and low-wage issues and more recently supporting refugees with disabilities from Ukraine. With experience and insight from working in this field for more than 50 years, TNF is presenting the True Colors Festival with the recognition that real inclusion of those with disabilities cannot be achieved until everyone in society adopts an ‘inclusive mindset’ about each other; and understands that this is a larger social issue rather than an issue centered around disability.



“Some 15% of the world’s population live with a disability of some kind, and this number is growing. We are proud to announce the amazing Katy Perry as our guest performer for TCF THE CONCERT 2022. She will help bring worldwide attention to the immense talent of these incredible and diverse performers whose talents are an inspiration to us all. We at TNF continually strive to build a more inclusive world in which everyone is seen and heard,” says Ichiro Kabasawa, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation. 


Playing a significant role in the production of TCF The Concert 2022 is the Singapore Creative Team comprising:

Dr Sydney Tan, Executive Producer & Creative & Music Director
Dick Lee, Stage Director
Yang Derong, Art Director
Samantha Kan, Chief Choreographer
Sally Lee, Multimedia Director
Daniel Yam & Jonathan Choo, Film Makers
Hsia Ling Woo, Line Producer
Deric Shen, Stage Designer
Alberta Wileo, Lighting Designer
And the two members of the Singapore Team managing Marketing/PR/Social Media/Planning:

Audrey Perera, Executive Producer
Sarina Sahari, Assistant Producer
Singapore’s very own rapper-beatboxer Wheelsmith (pictured) will join the line-up at the concert as well.

Wheelsmith (Credit_@bankyeo)


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