• 06:21 AM, 6 May, 2020

Jakarta, May 2020 – ''Remember Our Smile'' is a social initiative program, organized by ARTOTEL Group to help its employees that are spread across 14 properties, to help them get through this difficult time as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

''Remember Our Smile'' is a sympathetic invitation to ARTOTEL Group's stakeholders to set aside their money and donate through this program. In collaboration with as the official online platform for collecting funds for the next 90 days, ARTOTEL hopes that the expected funds to be collected will reach Rp. 150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million rupiahs). All the proceeds will be distributed to ARTOTEL employees in need, such as staff-level employees, hotel daily workers, and those who got laid-off during this pandemic. Proceeds from donations will be given to them in the form of distribution of groceries and financial assistance to help their daily lives.

For those who want to participate, you can go directly to the website: and look for the campaign search under '' ARTOTEL '' or just copy the link: Donations can be collected easily by Benih Baik for they are already integrated with Mobile Banking payment applications and other online payment platforms such as GoPay, DANA, and OVO.

Erastus Radjimin, CEO ARTOTEL Group adds "During these difficult times, we from ARTOTEL Group, of course, will do our best to keep pay attention on our employees welfare. ''Remember Our Smile'' is a sincere invitation that we offer to our closest circle of ARTOTEL to help others, making it easier for them to go through difficult times like now. We hope that the public can accept our good intentions and participate, giving smiles to our employees. I also hope that the Indonesian hotel industry will continue to thrive at the soonest. Let's fight this together.’’

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