ARTAZZLE Elevates Indian Art to the Global Stage with Launch of Inaugural Exhibition

Homegrown young brand ARTAZZLE serves as a platform to showcase the richness and artistic brilliance of Indian art and make it accessible to a global audience.

  • 07:52 AM, 31 May, 2024


(Singapore, May 31, 2024) Singapore was strategically chosen as the launch pad for  ARTAZZLE, positioning the brand at the crossroads of Asia's vibrant cultural and technological landscape.

The exhibition Indian Art Marvels: Celebrating Icons on Canvas” features the works of eight top contemporary and award–winning artists: Dr. Laxman Aelay, Ramesh Gorjala, Jagannath Paul, Anand Panchal, (pictured top) Gopal Samantray, Dinkar Jadhav, Shrikant Kadam (picture right)  and Kamar Alam. This exhibition is an exploration of the cultural tapestry that defines the soul - stirring brilliance of Indian artistic expression and is being held May 31 to June 2, 2024.  

Through this showcase, ARTAZZLE aims to establish itself as the premier destination for discerning art buyers worldwide. The exhibition serves as a tribute to the kaleidoscope of vision that defines Indian art. This showcase promises to be a journey through the rich cultural heritage, originality, multidimensionality and global perspective that characterise Indian artistic expression today.

A Celebration of Artistic Brilliance founded in October 2023 by entrepreneur Shikha Sharma, ARTAZZLE has swiftly become synonymous with curatorial excellence and a commitment to showcasing the finest Indian artworks. With a passion for fostering a vibrant art community, ARTAZZLE bridges the gap between artists and global recognition, offering a curated selection that caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

ARTAZZLE finds its roots in the profound purpose of art: to offer sanctuary amidst life's chaos, inviting us into the artist's realm for a moment of respite. For ARTAZZLE, art is a daily source of joy, blending visual allure, cultural homage, and endless discovery. The name itself, ARTAZZLE, merges "ART" and "DAZZLE," symbolising the transformative power and sheer delight of art ownership.

Kamar Alam

 “The 'Indian Art Marvels' exhibition is more than just a showcase of talent; it's a celebration of India's cultural legacy and artistic brilliance," says Shikha Sharma. "Through this meticulously and carefully curated collection for a global audience, we invite audiences to delve into the richness and ingenuity that define Indian art. Each artwork is a testament to the experiences, evolution and vision of the creator. We are privileged to host this exhibition and offer a platform for these iconic artists to showcase their talent on a global scale."

Curatorial Excellence and Cultural Preservation "Indian Art Marvels" is meticulously curated to highlight the crème de la crème of Indian contemporary artists, showcasing their unparalleled talent and diverse perspectives. From breathtaking landscapes to abstract compositions, each masterpiece reflects the passionate dedication and profound perspectives of the visionary artists.

Laxman Aelay

The exhibition, open to the public with no admission charges, aims to democratise art appreciation, inviting everyone from art aficionados to those who simply admire the beauty of artistic expression. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the forty diverse artworks on display, transcending conventional boundaries and fostering a profound appreciation for the marvels of Indian art.

ARTAZZLE's commitment to cultural preservation extends beyond the exhibition, advocating for fair compensation for artists and environmental conservation. By championing sustainability and integrity within the art ecosystem, ARTAZZLE ensures the longevity and vitality of Indian artistry on a global scale.

 “It is a very good time to be an artist in India,” Ms Sharma says. “With growing wealth in India more people have the ability to buy art. Art in India is very reasonably priced.” The works in this exhibition range from $3000.00 to $12,000.00  

Anand Panchal

Anand Panchal is a critically acclaimed artist who studied at the J.J School of Art in Mumbai. Lyrical, rustic worlds take centre stage in Panchal’s acrylics on canvas. His incandescent art documents the enduring soul of India, as seen in its indigenous culture, beliefs and traditions.

“In my 'Raan' series, I honor Mother Earth, finding inspiration in the simplicity of village life, the lush farmlands, and the natural harmony. These cherished childhood memories of my village have also influenced my latest series of villagescapes, where cubism takes centrestage. Each canvas reflects the joy and nostalgia of my village upbringing, depicted with vibrant colors and bold strokes." 

Shrikant Kadam

Shrikant Kadam is an abstract artist who portrays nature in his paintings. He wants to convey vibrations of the change that nature undergoes when seasons change. “Nature is pure,” he states. He is a trekker and the colors, sounds, and vistas he observes are an inspiration for him. Shrikant’s energy is translated into his paintings, and the viewer can see vibrant hues which create ‘a drama’ on the canvas. The change of season brings a palette of textures and the lights variants. Eye-catching and exciting to the senses, he says he begins a painting by staring at the canvas with the colours before him. “I begin with one colour and from there create the work. I don’t have a vision that I then create, but I allow the painting to evolve.” He tries to transform nature through his imagination and portray it in his special manner. In each of his works, there is a ‘focal point’ or an energy point just like the sun rising which gives out energy. Shrikant attempts to capture the same light of the rising sun as he loves the combination of energy, colour, and vibration.

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