List of Programmes at i Light Singapore 2024

Many Exciting and Interactives Programmes will be held over the two week festival

  • 08:42 AM, 29 May, 2024

GastroBeats - Festival Village of i Light Singapore: A feast of flavours and a symphony of sounds.
Embark on a culinary adventure with a tantalising selection of mouth-watering treats from around the world. From street food to gourmet delights, there's something to satisfy every craving! Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the inclusion of more sustainably-produced food options, including ingredients cultivated through organic farming methods, locally-grown seasonal produce and ethically sourced meats. An enticing array of local and international cuisines ranging from Mexican tacos to Russian dumplings and prawn noodles awaits.

Experience the electrifying energy of daily live music performances featuring local talents mentored by GastroBeats’ Chief Music Officer Sara Wee and well-loved local band 53A through the GIG-ers campaign, alongside other musical artists. They’re sure to have you dancing all night long!
The Festival Village is also proud to introduce a star-studded team of GB-LETs- GastroBeats ambassadors embodying the GastroBeats brand and values who are personally handpicked and mentored by the Chief Content Officers of GastroBeats, Aiken Chia and Nina Tan.
This year, GastroBeats will strengthen its sustainability efforts by using rechargeable batteries for selected lighting posts and back-of-house operations. Solar energy will also be used to power air-conditioned “portaloos”, setting a new benchmark for eco-conscious event amenities. To promote eco-conscious habits, GastroBeats strongly encourages visitors to bring their own reusable cups, flasks and tupperware to reduce waste. Eco-friendly food packaging and utensils will be used, and no plastic straws will be provided.
Don't miss out on this ultimate fusion of food, music, and fun at GastroBeats — from bites to beats, it’s a complete treat!

Find out more information on programme details:

Bayfront Event Space
31 May - 23 June 2024
4pm - 11pm daily
General admission is free, while charges apply for selected activities.

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore Programmes

Embark on a journey of transformation at The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore, a vibrant convergence of wellness, technology, leadership and eco-consciousness that strives to guide humanity towards a brighter future.
Grounded in the ethos of protecting the Earth with mindful governance, this festival event draws together a fervent community united in their dedication to the preservation of life and nurturing our planet for generations to come. It welcomes corporate and individuals to delve deep into technology, climate change and social impact, to explore the possibilities of future living.
From soul-stirring music performances to insightful talks and practical workshops, this event is nearly zero-waste, plant-based and carbon-negative, and considers itself a hub for motivational transformative action. Building on the success of previous editions including those in Hong Kong and Paris, The Conscious Festival is running its eighth instalment in Singapore, with an extended duration in partnership with i Light Singapore 2024.
At The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore, sustainability is not just a theme — it is a way of life.  Immerse yourself in seven days of activities devoted to sustainability and rediscover our intrinsic connections with one another and with the Earth that sustains us.
Find out more information at:

Location -   Various locations at Marina Bay

31 May - 2 June 2024
7 - 9 June 2024
21 June 2024

General admission is free, while charges apply for selected programmes.

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore - i Quest

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore introduces i Quest, a unique merger of art, advocacy and adventure that rallies the collective effort of festival visitors to safeguard the future of regional mangrove forests and seaweed meadows while offering a chance to win prizes along the way!
In partnership with Seastainable, The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore pledges to contribute to a restoration programme located in Dompak Island, Bintan, which conducts research on coastal preservation methods, trains and hires local communities to plant mangrove and seaweed seedlings in their natural habitats. The restoration effort will be driven by festival visitors’ participation in i Quest. There are 19 unique QR codes located throughout our festival grounds. Each QR code scan contributes 1 point to the festival’s community scoreboard in real time. Upon attaining 1,000 points, we pledge to plant 160 mangrove and seaweed seedlings. When this number grows to 3,000, we pledge to increase our contribution to 400 seedlings to the restoration programme.
For more information on i Quest: 
Various locations around the festival grounds
31 May - 23 June 2024
Sunday - Thursday: 7.30pm to 11.00pm
Friday - Saturday: 7.30pm to 12.00am

Community Green Market by Discover Tanjong Pagar x Sunday Social

Welcome to a gathering of eco-conscious local makers and artistic expression at this pop-up street market organised by the Discover Tanjong Pagar pilot Business Improvement District in conjunction with i Light Singapore 2024. Playing host to one of the light art installations, Kickit Team Tennis, Discover Tanjong Pagar Community Green will be transformed into a vibrant hub for sustainability, creativity, and entrepreneurship across two weekends during the Festival period.
Visitors can look forward to:
Curated Local Brands: Explore a treasure trove of eco-friendly products and unique creations by local artisans. Check out a wide range of brands offering an eclectic mix of upcycled fashion, organic food, beauty essentials, handicrafts and more.
Solar-Powered Sound System: Experience the future of entertainment with Nomad Solar Sound's solar-powered audio system.
Live DJ Performances: Groove to the beats of Blackout Agency's carefully curated DJs while exploring the market or relaxing on the green.
Jagua Ink Temporary Tattoos: Adorn yourself with exquisite Jagua Ink temporary tattoos.
Culinary Delights: Indulge your taste buds with delicious offerings from the food trucks available.
Gather your friends and family for two unforgettable weekends of music, food, art, and a celebration of talents!
Follow @discovertanjongpagar and @sundaysocialmarket on Instagram for more information.
For more information on Community Green Market by Discover Tanjong Pagar x Sunday Social :
Discover Tanjong Pagar Community Green
7 - 9 June & 14 - 16 June 2024, Friday to Sunday
4pm - 10pm
Admission is free

i Light Forum

Hear from local artists and thought leaders in lighting, architecture, and sustainability, as they share their creative journeys and dive into ideas of how lighting and architecture can transform the environments that we live, work and play in.
The Art of Illumination (15 June)
Join us as local artists from i Light Singapore 2024 reveal the stories and inspirations behind their works!
Gain valuable insights into their backgrounds, artistic journeys and creative visions. Go behind-the-scenes with a glimpse into the making and execution of their illuminated displays.
Participants will also get to take part in a workshop where they will be guided to upcycle a self-watering pot from plastic bottles to plant their own herbs.
Illuminating Sustainability: Urban Renewal through Lighting and Technology (16 June)
Prepare to be enlightened as thought leaders in lighting, architecture, and sustainability share their perspectives on how architectural ingenuity, lighting and technologies can pave the way for a decarbonised future. Panellists include Tan Szue Hann, Head of Sustainability and Director, Sustainable Urban Renewal at Keppel (Real Estate), Toh Yah Li, Principal of Light Collab and Henry Woon, Director of Atelier Ten Singapore.

Sign up for i Light Forum here! Registration for both sessions comes with a complimentary drink and $10 Millenia Walk voucher (T&Cs apply)
Millenia Walk
15 June 2024: Kith Cafe
16 June 2024: VietSmith
15-16 June 2024
4.30pm - 6pm
Admission tickets for the i Light Forum sessions are priced at SGD8.00

Guided Tour by Let’s Go Tour Singapore

Join the guides from Let’s Go Tour Singapore on a specially curated walking tour for an in-depth exploration of the creative ideas behind the light art installations. Get your tickets to the Guided Tour by Let's Go Tour Singapore here!
i Light Singapore festival grounds
1, 8, 15, 22 June 2024
8pm - 9.30pm
Tickets for the Guided Tour are priced at SGD28.00 each.

i Light River Cruise Shuttle Service

Experience the magic of i Light Singapore 2024 with the River Cruise Shuttle Service connecting Bayfront South Jetty and Clifford Pier Jetty! Hop on board the eco-friendly vessels to enjoy stunning views of the illuminated artworks against the Marina Bay city skyline. Whether one intends to admire the light art installations or soak in the vibrant waterfront, this shuttle service provides all with a seamless and scenic 10-minute journey across the Bay.
With regular departures, the i Light River Cruise Shuttle Service offered by Singapore River Cruise and WaterB will be your hassle-free link between two key locations along the festival route, ensuring you make the most of this captivating celebration of art, innovation and sustainability along the picturesque Marina Bay.
For more information on i Light River Cruise Shuttle Service:
Bayfront South Jetty and Clifford Pier Jetty
31 May - 2 June, 7 - 9 June, 14,16,17, 21 and 23 June 2024
7.30pm - 11pm (last service at 10.30pm)
Note: Visitors should expect a waiting time of approximately 10-20 min between departures.
$6 per person

Switch Off, Turn Up (SOTU)

A key component of the Festival’s sustainability efforts since its inception in 2010, the Switch Off, Turn Up (SOTU) campaign champions energy conservation by encouraging building owners, corporations and businesses to power off non-essential lighting and switch air conditioning to more optimal temperatures throughout the festival duration. Participating organisations are also encouraged to continue with these energy-saving habits beyond the festival period.

A huge thank you to the following stakeholders for joining SOTU this year; find out more information at:

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