Shoeshine for Charity

Support the Singapore Association for the Deaf

  • 27-May-15

An old style shoeshine was not something I expected to see in the Shops at Marina Bay Sands - but there it is. So I stopped and spoke to Khai, who was looking after things. "I am a Retail Concierge here," he explained. "I volunteer some of my time to do the shoeshine. There is no charge for the shoeshine, but if you feel like giving something to charity..." he motioned to a collection box. "We do this for charity." The charity they are collecting funds for is the Singapore Association for the Deaf. 

Khai went on to explain: "The shoeshine counter belongs to the Retail Management of ‘The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands’ and it is not owned by any retail shops. Our shoeshine products are kindly sponsored by Church’s as of now, which is located right beside the shoeshine counter itself, floor B2M, with the unit number B2-228.  

"There are two full-time shoe shiners for this charitable drive and the rest of us, including myself, are Retail Concierges of ‘The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands’. We volunteered ourselves to be part of it and were professionally trained as well for the job. On certain days, instead of doing our daily tasks as Concierges, we will man the shoeshine counter and provide shoe shining services."

Drop by if you need a good shoeshine, or would like to help the charity.


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