Le Le's jungle gym adventures

River Wonders’ littlest giant panda is putting on the Kgs

  • 11:20 AM, 27 Jan, 2022


All images courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

(Singapore January 27 2022) Singapore’s first giant panda cub Le Le is hard at work perfecting his climbing skills so he can be ready to meet guests in the exhibit with mom Jia Jia in the near future. Aside from his twice daily nursery appointments with visitors to River Wonders, Le Le has been busy improving his motor skills in his play den. 

The jungle gym of sorts features strategically-placed logs to provide him the opportunity to hone his climbing prowess and build up his strength at the same time. His care team also provides him with various enrichment toys to further expose him to different shapes and textures. 

River Wonders’ littlest giant panda now weighs 12.19kg as at 26 January 2022. 

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