• 05:19 AM, 27 Feb, 2020

New York, 25th February 2020 - TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand today released the first installment of its upcoming Perfecting The Journey – The Series. The first film features Korean-American actor Daniel Henney.

As part of TUMI’s perpetual pursuit of perfection though innovation, the brand draws inspiration from fields outside its own. Each impactful episode of Perfecting The Journey – The Series investigates the never-ending drive toward perfecting a specific craft. For Daniel Henney, achieving the “perfect scene” is his ultimate goal as an actor.

This installment of the series, directed by Jon Clements, offers an inside look at Daniel Henney’s creative process when preparing for a scene, from character research to the moment he steps in front of the camera. In the film, Daniel selects some of his favorite lightweight bags from the Harrison Collection including the Osborn Roll Top Backpack and the Gregory Sling. Relaunched this Spring, Harrison is a lightweight, stylish and minimalistic collection that delivers major functionality with clean silhouettes in lightweight nylon and pebbled leather.

Daniel’s Harrison Osborn Roll Top Backpack is his go-to bag when shooting on location in a new city. Often leaving before the sun comes up and not returning until late at night – he packs everything he needs for the day including workout clothes for the gym before shooting starts, as well as food, scripts, his laptop and more. The Gregory Sling is his choice for days off, where he can explore his new surroundings, keeping his valuables and daily essentials close to hand. Other bags from the Harrison collection featured in this campaign include the Warren Backpack and the Bradner Backpack. 

“I love my TUMI backpacks. They are durable, resilient, resourceful,” says Daniel Henney. “There's a pocket for everything and I never have to worry about getting them too scuffed up or ripped open. I've got TUMI bags from years ago that I can still use because they're so tough. And that's who I like to see myself as a person and as an actor—someone who can get through anything, someone who is tough and resilient.”

Running alongside the film, the campaign also includes a number of key visuals, which see Daniel traveling with TUMI’s newest lightweight travel collection – 19 Degree Polycarbonate. Exclusive to Asia-Pacific, this collection of new stylish, lightweight yet tough travel cases are designed to elevate the journey to the next level. The beautifully-designed and sophisticated exterior is paired with an assortment of new features all designed to further perfect the journey, including expansion capabilities, a USB Power port, extra security and upgraded wheel and handle systems for the ultimate convenience and comfort.

“An absolute must when I travel for work, which can sometimes be at a moment’s notice. TUMI luggage is the first item I grab and the security of knowing it’s going to hold everything that’s important to me halfway around the world and back, is priceless,” Daniel shares, discussing his hectic travel schedule as an actor.

“We see Daniel as a true global citizen always striving to perfect his journey,” says Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI. “Knowing the passion we both share for our crafts made it easy to connect with him on a deeper level. I’m excited to share the first episode in this incredible new series and look forward to sharing more to come.”

The film will run globally across TUMI’s digital and social channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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