Scores of Landscapes

  • 05:26 AM, 25 May, 2021

Du Kun, details of 临江听筝 (Listening to the Guzheng While Overlooking a River), 2021 © Du Kun, courtesy of the artist and Mizuma Gallery.

Scores of Landscapes

5 June – 18 July 2021

Solo exhibition by Du Kun


(Singapore May 25, 2021) Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce Scores of Landscapes, a solo exhibition by Chinese artist Du Kun.

The scrolls of landscape paintings in the series Scores of Landscapes look serene and ancient, as if they have frozen the history of thousands of years. But in fact, these landscapes themselves are pieces of nervous, sad, discordant, and unconventional music.

Du Kun (pictured right) applies the logic of painting to compose music, and subsequently translates the various elements of the compositions into traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Finally, these painted ‘landscape compositions’ and their musical compositions are played out through a video, with both mediums corresponding precisely to each other, forming a new kind of music score.

Du Kun, 电音云龙图 (Cloud Dragon in Electronic Noise), 2020, scroll, ink and colour on silk, 70 × 860 cm (painting), 75 × 1172 cm (scroll), 82 × 11 × 12 cm (camphor wood box) © Du Kun, images courtesy of the artist and Mizuma Gallery.

Scores of Landscapes brings traditional Chinese painting and modern music together, where static and noise are simultaneously present in the artworks, with mutual influence and interdependency on one another – just like two people who speak different languages but find a special way to communicate with each other. 

Scores of Landscapes, Du Kun’s first ever solo exhibition in Singapore, will run from 5 June till 18 July 2021.



SUN 11am-6pm


22 Lock Road #01-34

Gillman Barracks

Singapore 108939


T. +65 6570 2505

F. +65 6570 2506

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