Exploring Jogjakarta and Environs I

Ratu Boko

  • 07:22 AM, 23 Apr, 2020

At Ratu Boko there are the remains of a palace that was built during the 8th century. It has been knocked down by earthquakes and restoration is on-going. Located about 3km south of Prambanan, Ratu Boko (Stork King) is situated on a hill about 195m above sea level, where expansive views can be enjoyed. Ratu Boko is not a temple, but the remains of a palace. It was built by the Buddhist Syailendra Dynasty, but Mataram kings, who were Hindu, took it over, explaining why it is full of both Hindu and Buddhist images and references.

Wedang Kopi Prambanan (wedangkopiprambanan.com) is a great place to enjoy authentic - and very spicey - Javanese lunch. A great setting amidst rice paddies the owners share with you some of the local culture through antiques and collectibles.

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