• 10:57 AM, 7 May, 2020

Of the 10 destinations that Indonesia wants to turn into the next Bali, I think that the Komodo Islands will lead the way. It has the Komodo Dragons who are already internationally famous and people want to see them. It has incredible instagramable scenery. The clarity of the water is beautiful for looking at while the snorkeling and diving is exhilarating.  Not only are the Komodo Dragons of interest but the sea life is exceptional. You can cruise the islands on a traditional phinisi boat, or a luxury yacht.  What the Komodo Islands don't yet have is all the facilities and infrastructure that will be needed to accommodate a large number of tourists. But that is the point - these things will come as the tourist numbers start to increase. Recently opened was the first 5-star Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach where Farah and I stayed, but there is already a variety of accommodation at various price points. My recommendation is that you go there as soon as you can and enjoy the pristine nature at its unspoiled best.

Padar Island
Pink Beach

Komodo National Park

Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach

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