Shinta Mani Collaborates with Wheels for HOPE Singapore

 250 bicycles donated to poor students in local villages

  • 21-Dec-17

 The Shinta Mani Foundation (SMF) seeks to be a leader in responsible tourism, with its goal being to enhance the lives of the individuals in the local communities in which they operate, by increasing their human capital and providing them with the tools to overcome the constraints of poverty. 

The Foundation’s latest collaboration is with Wheels for HOPE, a Singaporean based charity who donated 250 bicycles to poor students in local villages. Bicycles make a big practical difference to the lives of poor Cambodians of whom a large percentage live in rural areas, therefore having less access to education, health and other public services due to lack of infrastructure and resources.  A bicycle will help a student get to school or family members get to the market, work or medical appointments and the transport costs saved will offset their living expenses.   An event was held by the SMF and Wheels for HOPE Singapore at the Rulous Primary School in the Bakong District on 12th December.  The 250 bicycles were distributed to students from 5 schools. 

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