• 11:57 AM, 21 Apr, 2019

 (Sunday April 21, 2019) On the opening weekend of Jewel Changi Airport, Singaporeans flocked to the new shopping experience located between Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at the country’s international airport.

The centre piece of the mall is a 40m waterfall that cascades through an oculus in the roof of Jewel’s distinctive glass and steel façade. The water streams down seven floors to Basement 2, making it a sight to behold from every floor. Ms Hung Jean, CEO, Jewel Changi Airport Devt, said, “We want to offer consumers a multi-sensory experience. The design was inspired by the tropical rains in Singapore and will add novelty and wonder to the entire Jewel experience. Being the centrepiece attraction, visitors will be able to bask in its full glory at different vantage points.”

The rain vortex sets the stage for a mesmerising Light & Sound show, running from 8:30pm to 12:30am daily at hourly intervals. During the show, a carefully controlled flow of water creates a cascading bead curtain that interplays with the projected light imagery. This is enhanced by music and mist effects to create an ethereal guest experience.

Fast Check-in at Terminal 1 link. There are pedestrian connections to Three of the airports four terminals.

Making their debut in Jewel are several first-in-Singapore brands such as Shake Shack, Pokémon and Läderach. The first comeback A&W restaurant in Singapore makes its appearance. A long line up of people waited patiently to enjoy their classical fast food. Familiar homegrown brands such as Tiger Beer, Naiise and Supermama, have introduced first-of-its-kind concepts for their stores in Jewel.

Tonito Latin American Food (above) Starbucks (below)

Starbucks opened its Singapore flagship store, its largest store in Singapore that beautifully captures local craftmanship and offers a mix of quality coffee experiences and localized offerings. The theme of craftsmanship runs throughout the space alongside design features which showcase Starbucks tribute to the coffee journey; the duplex’s lush indoor landscaping, polished interiors and artisanal woodwork. 

An Art Room on the second level of the store, showcases a special collection of the original pieces of art typically found within Starbucks stores across Asia. Artworks tower over Starbucks patrons in the main dining areas with an art piece featuring the word “Singapore” made up of peranakan-inspired tiles and Starbucks Reserve™ coffee cards.

There is a sprawling coffee bar shaped like a coffee bean, designed with cross-sectional honeycomb patterns carved on the wooden material for added texture and a beautifully layered wooden storefront inspired by the textures of coffee farm landscapes. 

Jewel is Singapore’s first multi-dimensional lifestyle destination to integrate Nature, Play and Retail  elements  on  a  large  scale. Featuring over 280 shops and eateries, of which approximately 60 percent are new-to-Changi brands, and over 30 percent are F&B operators, Jewel’s retail offerings will wrap around the Forest Valley and Rain Vortex, promising visitors a unique retail experience. Shoppers can traverse seamlessly between nature and retail as they step into the retail corridors from the walking trails of the Forest Valley.  Specially-created F&B units with terraces overlooking the Forest Valley offer a picturesque view, creating an idyllic garden dining experience within an  indoor  environment.

View of Changi Airports Control Tower

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