Streetfest has an electrifying start at Clarke Quay

Four More Days of magical world-class performance artists

  • 06:35 AM, 19 Apr, 2024

(Singapore April 29, 2024) The CQ Streetfest burst into life with an electrifying start at CQ @ Clarke Quay Thursday evening, captivating an enthusiastic crowd eager to witness the magic of world-class performance artists. This marks the commencement of a five-day extravaganza that promises to leave attendees in awe.

The festival's opening day was a vibrant celebration of talent and creativity, featuring a diverse range of performances from escapology to aerial stunts to acrobatics, juggling on a unicycle, hula hoops, art, and music. Each artist delivered a spellbinding performance, showcasing extraordinary skills and leaving spectators craving for more.

Among the standout acts were the mesmerizing aerial stunts performed by Pancho Libre (pictured below) and Adedance Silk and Hoop Aerialists (top photo). Their graceful maneuvers defied gravity, displaying remarkable agility and strength that had the audience on the edge of their seats.

Akira from Japan showcased a triple act of painting, dancing, and DJing, while Rob Roy Collins stunned the crowd with his daring escapology feats, escaping from cuffs and chains. Satya Bella made hula hoop history with one of the most difficult moves ever performed - hula-hooping and cyr-wheeling both at the same time. 

Children were particularly enchanted by the performances, gathering around CQ @ Clarke Quay’s Fountain Square with wide-eyed fascination. Their faces lit up with excitement as they watched the artists weave their magic, leaving a lasting impression on the young audience.

What truly set this festival apart was the high level of audience interaction. Spectators eagerly became assistants to the artists, adding spontaneity and excitement to the show. Whether holding props, assisting in tricks, or joining in the fun with hula hoops, the crowd became an integral and dynamic part of the entertainment.

CQ Streetfest proved to be a family-friendly event with something for everyone to enjoy. With four more days of spectacular performances, art, and music lined up, the festival promises to be a not-to-be-missed experience.

For more information about the festival schedule and featured artists, please visit 

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