Karampuang Island, Mamuju, Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • 09:11 AM, 17 Apr, 2020

Karampuang Island is a small island, a short boat ride from Mamuju in Sulawesi. In August 2019 Farah and I travelled to Bali to the Komodo Islands back to Bali and then joined a Indonesia Tourism fam trip to Sulawesi. We returned to Bai before going back to Singapore. I regret that I put this trip into one story. It should've been at least three stories as I didn't have space to give each destination justice - and certainly didn't get to use enough of the many pictures we took.

Our group loved chilling out on Karampuang. There were opportunities to cut the trip short and return to the hotel, but nobody wanted to leave. There was snorkeling and diving and we were happy to hangout at the beach where there were kiosks with food and drinks and tables and places to crash. We walked around the village, being warmly greeted by locals. They enjoyed being photographed. There were paths to explore. One climbed up a slight hill to give great views over the long pier, the rusted corrugated roofs, the jungle, the beach, and the sea where colourful boats lay on hues of blues. We had lunch and soft drinks and we simply enjoyed being there. It was totally cool.

To read the entire story please go to: https://asianjourneys.com.sg/eMagazine/singapore/2019-10-01/page-1#book/9

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