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From north to south Vietnam is a beautiful country, and one should not overlook Quang Binh in Central Vietnam - especially if you enjoy an adventurous vacation. The largest cave in the world is located here as well as others that are equally fascinating. As the region was on the border between North and South Vietnam it was in the hottest zones of the war. We visited the monuments at 'Eight Ladies Cave' who were trapped in a cave after a bombing raid and never got out. 

The pictures below begin with the beautiful Thien Duong Cave (Paradise Cave) then Phong Na Cave and the Son River. There are no pictures of Tra Ang Cave as we swam into it and couldn't take cameras. Wouldn't have been much to see as only our flashlights lit the way. At the end of the trip I was interviewed by a TV crew who asked me which one I liked the most. To my surprise I said Tra Ang Cave. It was the most difficult to get to and it was the hardest to explore. The whole region is beautiful and can be enjoyed without going into a cave.

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