Season’s Best is the most luxurious way to Lohei at home

Blue Lotus collaborates with Tuck Lee Ice to introduce a unique way to enjoy its Signature Norweigan Smoked Salmon Yusheng  in the comfort of your home or office

  • 12:42 PM, 15 Jan, 2021

(SINGAPORE, 11 Jan 2021) With the Covid pandemic still affecting us one year after it started it looks as if it is going to affect Singapore’s most celebrated and most social festival. With Chinese New Years approaching the large gathering of families will be the next victim of Covid. Limited to eight people at a restaurant outing this year’s Lohei meal just won’t be the same. 

While numbers for a gathering can exceed eight at home most options for doing Lohei at home are not that great. Well, now you can say goodbye to Yusheng in plastic containers or laying out newspapers on the table and referring to your phones to figure out how to Lohei.  

Singapore’s critically acclaimed Chinese restaurant, Blue Lotus is collaborating with Tuck Lee to introduce Season’s Best. This collaboration will see Blue Lotus’ highly raved about Yusheng in a luxurious red gift box that you can bring as a gift during Chinese New Year visiting.

A New Way to Lohei

The Season’s Best gift box opens up to reveal the Blue Lotus Signature Norweigan Smoked Salmon Yusheng which is a festive dish comprising 10 herbs and vegetables, two aromatic spices, three types of nuts, tea-smoked salmon and salmon skin. It is then topped with a generous dose of spring-onion-infused olive oil and wild honey yuzu dressing. 

The Yusheng is surrounded by a guide of festive sayings for each ingredient which is printed in golden Chinese characters and Hanyu pinyin. Once you unbox the yusheng, the Season Best’s gift box is designed to collect the prosperous mess that comes with tossing of the Yusheng.  

At a tasting with others media personalities I had the opportunity to check it out. While my fellow dinners may be known for the journalistic skills, they can now be known for being quite messy when tossing the ingredients (as one should be). Most of the mess went onto the perimeter of the gift box and so the mess left to clean up was limited.

Developing a dedicated experience for takeaway customers

“We feel that customers may want to celebrate at home and thus, we decided to focus on the takeaway experience for our guests. Food safety is also very important to us. This led us to partner with Tuck Lee Ice to design these gift boxes and have our Yusheng deliveries to be done via Tuck Lee Ice’s cold trucks,” said Chef Ricky Ng, Managing Director, Blue Lotus Concepts.

Order Season’s Best Yusheng

Season’s Best Yusheng costs $88. Customers can pay $18 for island wide delivery. They can start ordering Season’s Best Yusheng via from 14 January 2021. From 14 January till 25 January 2021, there is a 10% discount on all Yusheng orders.

Tuck Lee's Executive Director Jeremy Hauw (left) and Chef Ricky Ng of Blue Lotus

The Yusheng is good for 8-10pax and customers can choose to add on additional crispy salmon skin, Norwegian smoked salmon and abalone. 

The tasting also included the dinner, which was totally excellent. Each dish begins with the freshest ingredients and excellently prepared. 

Lohei at Blue Lotus

Customers can choose to Lohei at Blue Lotus located at the idyllic Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove. The Yusheng is included in the restaurant’s Chinese New Year set menus which range from $68++ to $108++ per pax. A vegetarian option is also available. 

Some signature dishes within the set menu include the Braised Morel Mushrooms with Crispy Bean Root and Steamed Baby Abalone with Duo Garlic. Please refer to Chinese New Year menus below.

The Chinese New Year menu is available at Blue Lotus from 25 January and will be closed on 15 February and 16 February.  

Blue Lotus

31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, #01-13, Singapore 098375.

Reservations can be made on 6339 0880 or via Chope.

Tuck Lee Ice Ltd 

YEAR of the OX


25/01/20 to 26/02/20





$68++ Per Person (Individual Serving)


Signature Pomelo Fruit Salad Yu Sheng

鵬程展翅 (竹笙魚翅瓜????)      

Bamboo Pith “Shark Fin Melon” Soup

平步青云 (紅燒羊肚菌扒脆豆根) 

Braised Morel Mushroom with Crispy Bean Root

碧绿白玉 (野菇腰果炒鮮芦笋)

Wok Fried Wild Mushrooms with Asparagus & Cashew Nut 

五谷丰收 (蒜香菜脯糙米飯) 

Garlic Fried Brown Rice with Pickled Reddish

團團圓圓 (香茅蘆薈青檸凍) 

Chilled Aloe Vera & Lemongrass Gelo with Lime Sorbet



$88++ Per Person

(Communal Serving with Minimum of 4 Pax)


Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng


 Fish Maw & Bamboo Pith Chicken Soup


Steamed Baby Abalone with Duo Garlic

年年有餘 (古法蒸筍殻魚)

Steamed Marble Goby Fish in Traditional Style


Salt Baked Herbal Chicken


Braised Top Shell, Shitake Mushrooms & Black Moss with Seasonal Vegetables


Fragrant Chinese Sausage Fried Rice with Dried Shrimps in Lotus Leaf


Chilled Aloe Vera & Lemongrass Gelo with Lime Sorbet

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