Cheers! STB and Tiger Beer Team Up to Tell Great Singapore Stories Worldwide 

  • 06:04 AM, 14 Jun, 2019

 Singapore, 13 June 2019 – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and globally renowned, born-in-Singapore beer brand Tiger Beer inked a two-year partnership today to promote Singapore through joint marketing activities. Both brands will commit a total of $3.2 million to the partnership. The partnership covers three key areas: innovative products such as augmented reality (AR) effects for Tiger Beer’s Tiger District Bottles; creative consumer experiences in Singapore at Tiger Street Lab, Tiger Beer’s first global experiential concept store, and globally, such as an upcoming pop-up in Tokyo, Japan; and global marketing through joint campaigns in international markets.

Both brands aligned on celebrating creativity and supporting local talents The collaboration comes naturally as both brands – STB’s Passion Made Possible and Tiger Beer’s Uncage Your Tiger – are similarly focused on supporting homegrown talents and telling their stories on a global stage. STB’s Passion Made Possible brand encapsulates Singapore’s never-settling spirit of determination in making passions possible, and focuses on celebrating local talents through films, consumer events, marketing campaigns and industry partnerships. Tiger Beer has been championing local emerging talent and providing them with a global stage to Uncage their Tiger through Tiger Raw Roar platform, Tiger Street Food and Tiger Street Lab at Jewel Changi Airport. STB and Tiger Beer also target similar consumer segments, namely those with a passion for dining and socialising.

“Passion Made Possible celebrates the spirit of Singapore by putting the spotlight on our home-grown talents and sharing their Singapore stories with the world. We believe this is an authentic way of highlighting what’s unique about destination Singapore. Tiger Beer shares the same brand belief. We look forward to partnering Tiger Beer in developing bold and creative projects for audiences all over the world,” said Ms Lynette Pang, STB’s Assistant Chief Executive (Marketing) (pictured left).

“As an internationally renowned brand that was born and raised on the streets of Singapore, Tiger Beer is deeply passionate about showing locals and the world what Singapore is all about. It is in Tiger Beer’s DNA to champion local talent who uncage their passion to represent Singapore on the world stage, and we are excited to enter this two-year partnership with STB who share this same passion and spirit,” said Ms Venus Teoh, International Brands Director, Tiger.

Showcasing local talents and innovating through art and technology To showcase the works of home-grown talents, STB and Tiger Beer have worked with two local artists – Eugene Soh and ANTZ – on separate projects (art work pictured above). Please refer to Annex A for more information about the artists. Tiger Beer launched the Tiger District Bottles in 20 limited-edition designs on 1 June 2019. The Tiger District Bottles bring a local twist to Singapore’s favourite local beer, with custom designs featuring elements that define the culture of each district. Showcasing both modern and heritage icons of the community, each bottle is emblazoned with a recognisable landmark illustrated in a vibrant and colourful manner.

In the spirit of collaboration, STB will bring four out of 20 Tiger District Bottle designs to life, telling the stories of popular tourism precincts rich in local heritage and culture through AR technology. The four selected bottle designs with AR effects are Chinatown, Bugis, Katong and Tiong Bahru. The incorporation of technology and AR effects allows both brands to broaden their marketing reach and reach consumers in a fun and interactive manner.

Local artist Eugene Soh was commissioned to create AR effects for the four precincts. Using the Facebook application on mobile devices, consumers will be able to see iconic landmarks such as People’s Park ComplexThe Red House, Bugis Street, and an old flat in the Tiong Bahru estate by scanning the unique district symbol on bottles.

Through this, consumers can learn about the various offerings available within the precinct, and be inspired to experience them in person. The AR effects for Chinatown and Bugis will go live on 13 June 2019, and Katong and Tiong Bahru will go live on 21 June 2019.  

STB and Tiger Beer also unveiled an artwork symbolising the partnership between the two brands today. The artwork, created by Singaporean urban artist ANTZ, portrays a tiger and a lion encircling each other. The tiger encapsulates the boldness of Tiger Beer, whereas the lion represents the Singapore spirit. The artwork will be displayed at Tiger Street Lab, as part of the brands’ ongoing efforts to promote local talents.

More areas of collaboration

Over the next two years, STB and Tiger Beer will tap on each other’s upcoming overseas consumer activities and events to grow audience reach and deepen engagement. Both brands will profile home-grown talents such as artists, musicians and chefs, and encourage them to collaborate at overseas platforms, and excite visitors with their creativity and talent. For a start, STB and Tiger Beer will team up for a consumer pop-up in Tokyo, Japan sometime in October. More of such joint events are currently being planned.

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