Cq @ Clarke Quay Presents Spectrum: A New Year’s Eve Extravaganza for Unforgettable Day-To-Night Revelry 

  Expect non-stop music, live street graffiti art, confetti shower and more as CQ @ Clarke Quay welcomes one and all for its most epic countdown party yet!

  • 06:32 AM, 14 Dec, 2023


(Singapore, 11 December 2023) Brace yourselves for a New Year’s Eve like no other, as CQ @ Clarke Quay transforms into a pulsating hub of excitement for its spectacular Countdown Party, Spectrum, featuring a kaleidoscope of music, art and interactive experiences that is sure to capture imaginations as you ring in 2024.

CQ Fountain Square will be decorated with a symphony of iridescent lights, colours, and installations, turning the space into a multi-sensory work of art, with an evening programme hosted by MediaCorp 987FM DJ Natasha Faisal

Spectrum Art: Vibing with Street Graffiti

As the sun sets, the streets along Block B will transform into an art collective featuring three distinct visual and graffiti artists in a one-of-a-kind art immersion encounter. Visitors will have the opportunity to catch the artists in action as they create live graffiti art in their signature styles. Meet Ink & Clog, established by CLOGTWO (@clogtwo) and INKTEN (@inkten), whose vision spans pushing the limits of traditional art forms to new media digital forms; LABSIXFIVE by Ben Qwek (@labsixfive), known for his 3D anamorphic art; and Jojie Atomick (@atomick_znc).


Spectrum Music: A Tribute to Diversity

As the night unfolds, groove to heart-pumping live entertainment that encapsulates the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s local music scene. Renowned singer-songwriter, Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng), headlines the night alongside a diverse infusion of musical performances. 

YANG Club’s resident DJ Kaylova (pictured) (@djkaylova), one of Singapore’s most sought-after DJs, kickstarts the festivities with an electrifying mix of Electro, Progressive, and House beats. Experience the dynamic Peep Show (@peepshowsg) as they enthrall you with their rocking cover performances of your favourite tunes. Finally, Feez (@itsfeez_), taking inspiration from both his Canadian and Singaporean routes, reminds us that the limits in music are limitless.

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