Happy Hour at ACM: WONDERLUST 

Asian Civilisations Museum Programmes

  • 07:06 AM, 13 Oct, 2021


8-15 October 2021

Onsite & Online

Free Admission to most programmes     

Registration for activities can be done on Peatix

Indulge in your desire to escape. Let our artists transport you imaginatively as they reinterpret objects from the ACM collection. Journey through the experiences on display or get up close and personal in an artist workshop. Wonder and wander with us – Happy Hour at ACM.

The museum opens its doors after hours for adult playtime. Wind down with a culturally colourful evening, exploring themes of lifestyle, art, culture, and more. 

Singapore’s current Safe Management Measures (SMM) will be in effect. You will need to wear a mask and remain in your personal group (max 2 pax). SMM are subject to change.

Wonderlust: Art Installations

8–15 October

Asian Civilisations Museum opening hours

Journey through ACM’s galleries and get re-acquainted with the permanent collection, plus discover pockets of surprises (art installations!) along the way. Visit our special exhibition Life in Edo | Russel Wong in Kyoto, too.

Tapestry by YABAI YABAI

Central Staircase, Levels 1-3

Artist Stacy Tan reimagines ACM’s textiles and jewellery collections in a colourful, geometric tapestry. Weaving in motifs from the collection, the artwork provides a playful preview of the treasures held within as it leads you up the central staircase to the Fashion & Textiles and Jewellery galleries.

Stacy Tan (YABAI YABAI) is a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on textiles. Using abstract shapes and a touch of humour, she creates colourful prints and patterns, and translates them into different forms depending on their purpose. Currently, she runs a small textile studio in Singapore, making fabric products with hands-on techniques and natural materials under her label and artist name YABAI YABAI. 

Stacy Tan. Image credit to Sebastian Kieran Wong

Dance of the Golden Threads by Safuan Johari

Fashion & Textiles Gallery, Level 3  

The patterns of golden brocades and embroidered textiles from the Nusantara region come to life in this audio-visual installation by artist Safuan Johari. An endless stream of golden strands shimmers and sways to the tune of a musical composition, in an homage to the woven threads.

Safuan Johari is a Singaporean sound designer, music producer, and composer. In the realm of sound design, he has worked on multimedia art installations and performance productions. He has also composed and produced music for theatre, dance, and film. With an interest that lies at the intersection of technology and tradition, Safuan is constantly reimagining the specters of the cultural past through digital and technological lenses. When conjuring, creating, and disrupting become the main principles of his artistic process, his works tend to project into the worlds of speculative cultural futures. 

Safuan Johari. Image credit to Throbbingpixels

VESSEL TAKEOVER by This Humid House
Lobby, Level 1  

Taken by the beauty and distinctive forms of the vessels in ACM's collection and imagining what it might be like to have them as receptacles for plants, flowers and fruit, botanical design studio This Humid House creates an installation with local and regionally sourced botanical material and an eclectic selection of vessels. A celebration of craft and Southeast-Asian flora, VESSEL TAKEOVER explores the relationship between vessel and botanical form that, at times, upends notions of functionality and proportion.

This Humid House is a botanical design studio established in Singapore. The studio comprises a team of designers committed to developing a language expressed through plants and flowers that is sensitive to climate, geography, culture and the contemporary. 

This Humid House. Image credit to Maritha Mae 

Fun Furniture! – A DIY Craft Activity

15 October

7pm, 8pm (1 hour per session)

Asian Civilisations Museum

$10 refundable deposit 

Who needs to chope a seat when you can make your own? Inspired by ACM’s furniture collection, make and decorate your own mini chair to take home.  

Due to the complexity of this activity, the minimum age to participate in this workshop is 16. 

Please note that we will turn away anyone who is not yet 16 years old. 

As a cardboard design agency, Paper Carpenter embraces sustainable design concepts using the fold-and-lock method (which minimises the use of tools and glue) to produce cardboard furniture and three-dimensional objects. The agency advocates for design innovation with the aim of creating a harmonious, sustainable environment. 

Stool making workshop. Image credit to Asian Civilisations Museum

Yasumi Fridays

15 October, 7–9pm

Yasumi Fridays. Image credit to Asian Civilisations Museum

In conjunction with Happy Hour at ACM and the final weekend of Life in Edo | Russel Wong in Kyoto, drop by for a “yasumi” (relaxing) Friday evening at ACM and unleash your creativity. Pick up basic woodblock printing skills, attend a film screening, or learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.  

Get a special $6 admission into Life in Edo | Russel Wong in Kyoto from 7 to 9pm during the programme (Usual Price: $12 for Singaporeans and PRs, $20 for other visitors.)  

For activity details for Yasumi Fridays, visit What's On at ACM | Peatix. 

WONDERWALL: Happy Hour Playlist
8–15 October
Asian Civilisations Museum Spotify      

A Happy Hour playlist curated by ACM staff that traverses themes of wanderlust, dreamscapes, and good vibes – for that Friday feeling.  

Spotify link to be available on the ACM website from 8 October.


Whimsical World of ACM by HAFI (Hafizah Jainal)
Physical/Downloadable Poster
8–15 October
Asian Civilisations Museum Front Desk/Website

Pick up an A3 poster of a fantastical realm inspired by ACM’s objects, by illustrator and designer Hafizah Jainal. Or, download a digital copy from our website.  

Hafizah Jainal finds balance in understanding brand essence and marketing communications while pushing narratives through a unique blend of storytelling and visuals.
@hahahafi hahahafi.com    

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