As You Were Presents Whimsical Works

  • 08:05 AM, 13 Jun, 2022
n o o n (at play) by Hazel Lim and Adeline Kueh. Isaiah Cheng Photo

(Singapore, June 2022) When you are out on the weekend walking or cycling through one of Singapore's many parks there is a chance that you would come upon something unexpected such as dream bubbles in the far West, or an enlarged paper boat ‘afloat’ on a sandpit in Punggol Waterway Park. These whimsical works of As You Were are guaranteed to catch your eye and will be on display from 12 May to 30 October, allowing all to play and reconnect with one another and with nature. 

Get your nature and art fixes all in one go, and have your spirits enlivened as you interact with these five Insta-worthy works with your family and friends, displayed in parks from East to West. These include:


Small Moments by Chong Zhi Wei Daniel

Taking the form of a half-eaten Khong Guan Marie Biscuit, Small Moments touches on the brief, unassuming moments before the pandemic, and the ones we yearn for now. Isaiah Cheng Photo

Can You Hear Me? by Quek Jia Qi and Aaron Lim  

With the phrase we often hear on Zoom, Can You Hear Me? is an invitation for us to exercise active listening - whether it be to each other, or to nature. Isaiah Cheng Photo


n o o n (at play) by Hazel Lim and Adeline Kueh

Two seesaws serve as pivoting points, evoking ideas of balance between work/school and life, and emphasising the importance of play in our daily lives. Isaiah Cheng Photo.

Afloat by Ang Song Nian

Taking inspiration from two ubiquitous objects - the paper boat and the mask, Afloat represents our solidarity and determination to overcome our challenges.  Isaiah Cheng Photo.


Our Dreams Must Continue by Teo Huey Ling

A group of quirky shapes sprouting in nature, Our Dreams Must Continue hopes to infuse humour and positive energy into the landscape, as we re-emerge from these changing times. Isaiah Cheng Photo

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