Journeys Within Tour Company launches Refill Not Landfill promo video

 to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles in Cambodia

  • 12-Aug-17


(Truckee, California) Journeys Within Tour Company is excited to debut a new video illustrating a day in the life of a reusable water bottle as travellers take a tour through the sights, flavours and culture of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

As a founding member of the Refill Not Landfill campaign - which aims to cut down on the millions of single-use plastic water bottles discarded in Cambodia each year by offering reusable aluminium bottles and refill stations as an alternative - Journeys Within spent a day filming guests visiting many of the top sights and drinking water refill stations throughout Siem Reap.

View the "A day in the life of a reusable water bottle" video at:

To date, more than 100 partner organizations throughout Cambodia's hospitality and tourism industries and development sector have signed on to participate in the Refill Not Landfill campaign, with the goal of revolutionizing the way water is consumed by tourists in Cambodia and thus spurring a transformation of the kingdoms' landscape.

Journeys Within CEO Andrea Ross touring Angkor Wat with her two children and a Refill Not Landfill reusable water bottle

In 2015, over 4.7 million visitors travelled to Cambodia, staying an average of 6.8 days each. During that time, these visitors consume an average of two liters of water per day, many from half-liter or 1-liter plastic bottles, which means visitors have the potential to use, on average, 130 million plastic half-liter bottles every year. That is more than 10 million bottles per month, or 355,000 bottles per day, equivalent to 26 Olympic swimming pools filled to the brim with plastic bottles every single year, year after year. And that number can only grow as the number of tourists to Cambodia is projected to continue rising.

Globally, plastic has become a plague on the planet, killing wildlife, choking seas, and filling landfills for centuries to come. Few bottles are recycled as the facilities for doing so are virtually non-existent within Cambodia and the resources for transporting them to neighboring countries are informal and limited. Even in developed countries with formal infrastructure, such as the United States, as little as 23% of the plastic bottles sold end up being recycled. In Cambodia, they end up in landfills or blown around the countryside, which struggles under drifts of plastic discards along roadways, in rice fields and gardens, and along watercourses which often become blocked creating flooding and other damage.

Journeys Within Tour Company's goal in participating in the Refill Not Landfill campaign is to replace the average of 27.2 single-use water bottles a visitor goes through during their stay in Cambodia with one refillable aluminum bottle, which will be provided to them free of charge upon their arrival.

For more information on the Refill Not Landfill campaign, please see

To read more background on Journeys Within's involvement, please check out our Travel Blog post.

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