SAUCY SAUSAGES FROM SIDECAR - powerful taste in small packages

  • 11-Sep-16

Whenever there is a fireworks display in Singapore, we like to have friends over as we usually have a great view of them. This past National Day weekend we invited quite a number of people to our place, which is not so big. I like to have gourmet sausages on the menu and this year we wanted to try a different vendor from the one we had previously tried.

I chose SIDECAR. ( ) They offer "artisan hand crafted sausages." They were really fresh and flavourful and juicy. They did not have any oil oozing out when being fried and I felt they were worth every penny.  I had ordered too much so I kept a few packs in the freezer and any time I got home late from work it was an easy dinner to make and yet very satisfying quick fix with baked potatoes or wedges.My favourite is the Thai basil, lime & sweet chilli. If you like Thai food this is a fantastic sausage flavour to try.  Other interesting flavours that are different are Mediterranean Parmesan & Rocket, British Cumberland, Chicken, Cheese & Rich Tomato, Italian Pork & Fennel. There is also the Scorpion; "Powerful smoked Jalapeno chillies combined with sweeter South East Asian dried bird-eye chilli to make this one powerful and not for the feint-hearted." I didn't order this one – but maybe I should have.

Although we had a little hiccup regarding delivery- I had ordered them a few days in advance and then I got a bit panicky when they didn’t show up when they were suppose to. I got in touch with SIDECAR and they got the order to me on time. They were a great hit.

Now that we got another display of fantastic fireworks coming up for the F1 finale, I'm thinking of repeating the order, and maybe this time I will try the Scorpion.


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