The World Gourmet Summit Presents the 3rd Edition of ‘Unsung Heroes'

Singapore Nurses Day is Honoured

  • 02:12 PM, 7 Aug, 2021

The World Gourmet Summit is presenting the 3rd edition of ‘ Unsung Heroes'. This time the team is working with restaurants to create nourishing meals, pack them into bento boxes and send them to the frontline fighters of COVID-19. Staff members working at the Metta Welfare Association and live-in nurses who watch over home residents 24/7 will receive the meals to celebrate their contribution. Unsung Heroes is being held in conjunction with Singapore's Nurses' Day that was on August 1. This date marks the beginning of the development of nursing in Singapore. 

Delivery to Metta Welfare Association 

With the help of nine establishments and partners such as USA Rice, USA Potatoes, Angliss Singapore, Biopak Packaging and Indoguna Singapore, bentos have been sent from the nine establishments since August 2 and with the last being delivered on  August 13.  Over this 9-day period the gourmet gastronomy that each of the establishments specialises in will be showcased. Each outlet, along with the World Gourmet Summit, wants to show its appreciation for healthcare professionals who have worked so hard and put their own health at risk during this time of need, especially with the recent spikes in Covid-19 infections. 

 This is the schedule:

2nd Aug - Sentosa Golf Club (pictured below)

3rd Aug - The Malayan Council (pictured below)

4th Aug - Allspice (pictured below) 

5th Aug - Royal Palm (pictured below) 

6th Aug - The Spot (pictured below)

10th Aug - Takayama

11th Aug - Punjabi Grill

12th Aug - Elfuego

13th Aug - 3 Embers


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