"Sustainability" the Theme for World Gourmet Summit 2019

  • 09:21 PM, 4 Dec, 2018

 Looking forward to presenting the 23rd edition of the World Gourmet Summit, after listening to partners and the public, Peter Knipp Holdings, has come up with the theme of ‘Sustainability’ for WGS 2019. It is a very appropriate theme as the F&B industry contributes a great deal to the desecration of the oceans through over fishing, through the eating of endangered species and through its use of plastics and Styrofoam. Sustainability is the perfect theme for this edition of WGS, because, as Peter Knipp, Founder of the World Gourmet says somewhat tongue in cheek, “WGS has proven to be sustainable. Today there are many culinary events, they are a dime a dozen. But we have survived, and we are the benchmark for such events. This is why we have the quality partners that we have, this is why we attract the quality chefs that we do, and this is why the discerning public continues to support us by attending our events.” When Peter conceived WGS 23 years ago the culinary scene in Singapore was far different than it is today. There was no real appreciation for fine dining or unique and special dining experiences. In general, Singaporeans didn’t drink wine – their choice of beverage was beer and cheap hard alcohol. Peter had the vision to change this and with the help of the Singapore Tourism Board, and many many others, he nudged the Republic into being one that not only worshiped Hawker food, but could appreciate fine dining.

During that time, Singapore has gone from a backwater of culinary offerings to one that competes at the highest level at global culinary events.  There is little doubt that without Peter Knipp this would not have happened, if it occurred at all, until many years on. Peter not only has a great passion for food, but for people. He is a great mentor, he drives people hard because he wants the best from them and for his events.

He supports those who have not yet made it, but have the skills, the determination, the attitude to be the best at what they do. He has the smarts to understand that it is not those who have reached the pinnacle that need media coverage and support, but those who are working honestly at their art and their craft, endeavouring to be the best that need to be recognized for their efforts.  At this event Peter chided the media for only covering those who are the No 1 and not those who are something less. “Everyone gives coverage to the winners,” he said on stage. “Singapore has won The Culinary Olympic Championship a number of times and all the big media has covered this extensively. They come in No 2 this year and no one covers it.” Peter gave his classic look at the room – what’s with this? “There were what? 35 countries at this event and Singapore comes second and no one gives it any coverage. Where was the USA, where was Switzerland?” On December 4, 2019 the media, WGS partners and diplomats from WGS participating countries were invited to an event at Novotel Singapore on Stevens that saluted those who participated in the Overseas Development Program and previewed the 2019 event that will be held for six weeks from the April to May 2019. “Peru. Where is the Ambassador from Peru? There you are.” Peter looked at the crowded room. “What do you know about Peru? People do not know about the depth of the Peruvian cuisine. It is excellent. It offers far more than most people can imagine.” This day was not only about the Chefs who had earned trips around the world to relevant industry and gained valuable experience about how others do this job, but they gave chefs the opportunity to create a dish using cheese. Why Cheese? A WGS Official Partner is Think USA Dairy, U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC). Another of WGS official partners is Wine Concierge, they didn’t make any dishes with wine, but not to worry, I marinated the canapés with their wine.

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