Hook Coffee Presents Grape Times and Choco-Lit

Celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday

  • 07:44 AM, 4 Aug, 2020

To honour Singapore’s 55th birthday, home-grown specialty coffee company Hook Coffee has come up with two new Nostalgia-inducing coffees: Grape Times and Choco-Lit.

Grape Times ahead — the sweetness of the coffee is akin to Sultana biscuits, a beloved local snack.  It makes a perfect accompaniment while watching the National Day ceremony!


Choco-Lit is inspired by the ubiquitous Chocolate Cream Wafer, the snack that took the 80s and 90s by storm. Sipping this coffee will bring back the memories of simpler times, of unwrapping the packaging and biting into the chocolatey, creamy goodness of the wafer.

Besides the two new coffees, Hook Coffee also has another two local-style coffee blends in its arsenal. The Singablend pays tribute to a childhood favourite — the iced gem biscuits. There is also Yaya Kakaya Pods, a rich coffee blend made from 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans, with added natural flavours of pandan and coconut.

In conjunction with the National Day Specials, Hook Coffee has some amazing August Promotions too.

S$55 Bundle Sets

Cold Brew Choco-Lit Bundle - 200g of Choco-Lit comes with a Hario Cold Brew Bottle


French Press Grape Times Bundle - 200g of Grape Times comes with a Hario Harior Bright French Press

50% OFF First Subscription with promo code "HOOKMEUP"

Yaya Kakaya $18/20 pods (u.p: $10/10pods)

ORDER HERE:  fcowanmedia@gmail.com : Amazon: Unicorn Eyes : The Orange-Sofa Walking Home

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