Masterclasses at Whisky Journey 2022 

Singapore’s biggest and most vibrant Whisky Show Kicks off at Marina Bay Sands

  • 12:55 PM, 2 Dec, 2022

 Whisky Journey 2022

(Singapore, 2 December 2022) Throughout the two-day event, Whisky Journey 2022, at Marina Bay Sands, there are over 20 exhibitors, with over 100 different whisky expressions available for participants to discover, explore and try. Every participant is entitled to one free dram at each participating brand’s booth where the participants will also get access to try other whiskies for as low as $3.00! You can also buy whiskies at wholesale price, have access to Whisky Journey exclusive bottlings and the chance to win prizes!


For the third year running, Whisky Journey 2022 comes with masterclass sessions conducted by distillery representatives. I had the chance to sit in on Yi Xian’s, of The Single Cask, masterclass featuring four whiskeys from Bruichladdich. The distillery was first established in 1881 by the Harvey brothers and survived through periods of closure, including world wars and economic uncertainty. In 1994, Bruichladdich distillery closed again for what looked to be for good. Only two of the team at that time continued on site, protecting the property and importantly, safeguarding the casks maturing there. 

Bruichladdich Distillery was resurrected in 2001 by Mark Reynier and Simon Coughlin, bringing a wealth of experience in the world of wine, along with Jim McEwan, a long-established expert in the whisky world and our previous Master Distiller. With the aim of breathing new life into the community and taking direct inspiration and influence from the land (bringing concepts more common in the wine world such as terroir to our whisky making), the new Bruichladdich aimed to keep as much of the operations on Islay as possible. “Our mission is to create the most thought-provoking spirits we can while continuingly growing our commitment to people and the planet to ensure we use our business as a force for good.” 

​ Yi Xian took us through four whiskeys starting with the The Classic Laddie. The brief tasting notes said: Ripe green. Brown sugar and sweet malt. 50% ABV. Despite it being quite smooth it had a lot of flare, enlivening the sinuses but I didn’t find the taste very appealing. It was much the same with Port Charlotte but it was even sharper and once again I didn’t find the flavour enticing. At 55.2% ABV it could have a real kick. But as everyone’s taste is different  and Yi Xian said it is 'My go to drink.' And he likes it with apricot.  


We moved in a better direction with the Octomore 13.3 with the notes saying the taste was of lemon rind and seashell. I am not sure what flavour ‘seashell is’ and with a ‘delicate marine hint’ it could have hit the skids. But it didn’t. At 61.1% ABV it has a high-octane appeal. I think that the 'malty biscuit and marzipan and coconut' notes rescued it. I have never knowingly had a 5-year-old before, but it seemed mature beyond its years.


Of course, they saved the best for last. A darker colour in a bottle that stated 1990 / 25 on the label. It was smooth and flavourful and most people at the tasting liked this one.  

The ethos of Whisky Journey is to provide a fun, educational, inclusive, and affordable way to understand more about various whiskies/brands and products in the local spirits scene. And with the whiskeys on offer you will probably come away with more knowledge about them.


Participants get to taste Single Malt Whiskies from boutique distilleries that you probably haven’t tried before, for as little as $2 per 10ml dram or a 30-year-old whisky for only $14. In addition to drams for tasting, there will be new product launches that will be available for purchase as well as limited edition bottlings for balloting at an attractive price.  



Marina Bay Sands

Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Level 4 (Peony Ballroom)

Ticket Prices:

On 2 – 3 December 2022,

Door tickets - $55.00

What Whisky Journey participants get 

For the price of the ticket, participants will get an:

•             Official Whisky Journey bag

•             1 Whisky Journey passport (Show Guide)

•             1 Whisky Journey lanyard

•             1 Whisky Journey glencairn glass

•             More than 15 free 10ml drams 

•             Free 1 bottle of Perrier/Vittel water

•             Free 1 magazine from L’Officiel/Men’s Folio/Yacht Style

•             Coupons & balloting slips 

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