Eugen Wegner Watches Launch of Kickstarter Campaign

With a tantalizing family history, a great-great-grandson has fulfilled and reinvented the kin’s craft for German watchmaking  

  • 07:04 AM, 1 Dec, 2020

The launch of a Kickstarter campaign marks the beginning of the latest chapter in a story that began in Gdańsk in 1897.

With the discovery of an original pocket watch from the watchmaker’s workshop of his great-great-grandfather, Founder Jonas Bley has started in 2017 to realize his dream and to tell the story of this family business. With the addition of three new models, handcrafted with high quality and elegance and with a lot of memories of what was, he dares Eugen Wegner to step onto the market.

The collection of Eugen Wegner watches will be available online at Kickstarter. The campaign serves as a first step into the market and is considered to be trend-setting for the further development of the company.

Be one of the first to purchase the limited edition of the Hevelius, One and Phoenix models. These are automatic watches, developed, produced and finished in Germany, largely in the Eugen Wegner watchmaker’s workshop in Hamburg, which you are welcome to visit by appointment.

Passion for the watchmaker’s history and design

More than 50 years after the last workshop closed doors, Eugen Wegner’s great-great-grandson, Jonas Bley, has embarked on the adventure of reviving the old brand. Based on historic models designed by his famous ancestor over a hundred years ago, the first new Eugen Wegner watch entered the market this November.

Handcraft Tradition Valence

Inspired by Eugen Wegner’s craftsmanship and passion for accuracy and quality, our watches are designed and fully assembled in-house in our workshop in Hamburg. For us, having control over every single step of the design, manufacturing and assembling phase is of utmost importance.

We want to make sure that we truly know every single one of our limited-edition watches. Therefore, we work together with only a selected group of suppliers in Germany and Switzerland for sourcing of the components.

Moreover, and most important for us, the complete process of refinement of the movements, final assembly of every single watch and quality control is done in-house in our workshop in Hamburg. 

Following the Path of his Ancestors

After discovering one of his great-greatgrandfather´s pocket watches, after more than a hundred years, Jonas Bley decided to follow his ancestors footsteps and pursue the family’s neglected dream.

Schooled in Germany and the UK, Jonas has worked as a tax lawyer, business consultant and acted as CFO within Europe and Asia for nearly ten years. However, his true passion lies within watchmaking. Jonas has always admired the art and precision put into clock making. Ever since he interned at his grandmother’s goldsmith studio in high school, he’s harbored a strong desire to revive his forefather’s watch business from so many years ago.

The Revival Team

Armed with experience and experts within their own field, the team behind Eugen Wegner is building the brand from the bottom up. Each member’s relationship with watchmaking runs deep, to them it’s not just a profession, but a craft. Coming from different industries, the revival team is dedicated in bringing back the name and legacy of Eugen Wegner watchmaking. Using their passion as fuel, they’re visionaries who are paving the way for Eugen Wegner’s ardent success. 20 T

The Chronograph

A classic chronograph, the One was developed to bring back the humble allure of traditional watches. The traditional sensibility is supported by pragmatic engineering, including the watch

with an automatic movement, a stopwatch function, and a date feature to keep you on track of your days.


Sophisticated, smart, and made for the modern man. With its dark watch face contrasting its sleek hardware, Eugen Wegner takes a contemporary turn on their latest model, the Phoenix. Perfect for any type of suit and gives you character like no other.

The Hevelius

Named after a pocket watch descending from the original Eugen Wegner product line, the Hevelius is a distinctive watch embodying both accuracy and comfort. Refined with sun cut, engravings, bluing and polishing of screws to heighten its artistic detail. 

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