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Douglas Yeo was the only Singaporean to go into Tham Luang Cave to help in the rescue of the Wild Boars football team. How was it that he was accepted by the Thai Navy Seals? What were his bona fides that made him acceptable to the Seals? As both a recreational diver and a commercial salvage diver Douglas had years of experience under the water in difficult and dangerous situations.

Douglas grew up in Singapore in a rough part of town. On the tough streets of Singapore he had to fight to keep his money and dignity, but his goal was to protect those who were victims of the gangs and thugs that roamed the area. Douglas had little education. "I was a straight A student," he grins. "A for absent." But when he needed to learn, he learned and through perseverance he made a success of himself.

Douglas is quietly tough, both mentally and physically. He has an unrepressible good humour. He is very spiritual, respecting the traditions and beliefs of everyone. He is an example to all about achieving your goals.

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