Tony Giles, Totally Blind and Partially Deaf, has Visited 125 UN Countries

Episode 5 in TellMeWhere2Go's Super Seven Series

  • 06:04 AM, 30 Sep, 2021

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Episode No 5, is a spectacular story, of Tony Giles, the blind and partially deaf extraordinary traveller who has travelled the globe and written books about all his experiences. You can’t make this stuff up, and if this doesn’t inspire you to get travelling, we don’t know what will!

About Tony Giles

Tony Giles was born in southwest England and was nine months old when a problem was discovered with his sight.  He has a rare genetic visual impairment called Cone Dystrophy and Photo Phobia. This means he has no colour nerves in the back of his eyes, greatly exposing his optic nerve to light. At four it was discovered that Tony was also partially deaf in both ears. Today he is severely deaf without hearing aids.

Between October 2001-March 2002 Tony backpacked independently around part of the southern hemisphere; visiting Australia, New Zealand, part of southern Vietnam and Thailand. It was during this trip that Tony was diagnosed with high blood pressure and kidney disease, a condition that gradually deteriorated. In December 2008 he underwent a successful kidney transplant operation. After a recovery period, in 2004 Tony undertook a year-long, epic backpacking solo world journey; visiting parts of South and North America, Mexico, Cuba, and most of Southern Africa.

In 2005 Tony began writing his first, in a trilogy, of travel books, Tony has now visited all 50 US States and all 10 of Canada’s Provinces and he has crossed the Arctic Circle by boat off the coast of Norway.

To date, Tony, totally blind and partially deaf, has visited 125 official UN countries.

He’s also bungee jumped 17 times, skydived three times and has been zorbing twice, driven jet boats, a large jeep, ridden motorbikes, jet skied and water skied, to name a few activities. In 2004 Tony nearly drowned whilst white water rafting on the Zambezi River in Zambia 

Tony plans to travel for the remainder of his life and visit every world country, both official and unofficial nations and his aim is to continue writing travel books and eventually publish some travel fiction. One day he would like to live in New Zealand with his partner Tatiana, and maybe open a hostel. In the last few years, he’s discovered “couch surfing”, and has couch-surfed in over 40 countries.

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With travel now opened up in great swathes of the world now, if Tony doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will!
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