Vietjet spreads Christmas and New Year Festive Cheer to Passengers on its Flights

  • 08:17 AM, 29 Dec, 2020

Vietjet’s special Christmas-themed flights have brought pleasant surprises to the passengers to welcome the festive year-end season with refreshing energy for the upcoming new year. Santa Claus and his little lovely elves have come to town with exciting dances in the middle of the airport, attracting passengers especially children who were delighted to meet the Santa and receive their Christmas gifts. 

Santa Claus gifted many children with a special, Christmas version Vietjet teddy bears.

Santa’s little elves also brought the festive spirit onto Vietjet’s flights with lively in-flight dances, with special performances by the cabin crew to celebrate the long-awaited holiday. 

The Snow Princess, Miss Vietnam 2020 Do Thi Ha, has made a surprise appearance on a Vietjet’s flight to wish passengers happiness and good health for a cosy, joyful Christmas holiday.

Santa and the Snow Princess Do Thi Ha gifted little presents to all passengers on Vietjet’s special Christmas flight.

The new age carrier has also presented lucky passengers with special gifts in Vietjet’s biggest promotion of the year for those who choose to “fly high” with Vietjet.

In Thailand, Santa Claus also ‘sneaked’ into a Vietjet’s flight and surprised passengers with Christmas gifts and wishes to the passengers.

Vietjet passengers also received their gifts in a special way while waiting along the luggage belt. Their luggage came with a surprising present placed on top.

Vietjet and its crew would like to wish all the passengers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. The airline is looking forward to bringing new and exciting experiences to passengers on all routes and flights and to work towards a brighter 2021.

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