Operation: Grilling Wagyu to Perfection

  • 01:15 PM, 28 Jul, 2020

 In his quest to find unusual and noteworthy restaurants, Stefan Pertz tried Shin Nihon, a Japanese charcoal grilled beef restaurant from Tokyo, now open in Kuala Lumpur

There are a few things worth pointing out when it comes to this locale: they offer valet service, which is highly welcome in Desa Sri Hartamas as it is always busy. Further, you should make a reservation and insist on their private rooms. Lastly, sittings are limited to 90 minutes. In accordance with the price tag, the service is superb. None of that fake Japanese wannabe screaming of “Elloooo weeeehcome”, but a professional, well Japanese, Konnichiwa.


The concept is simple: you grill the beef in the confines of your private room on charcoal fired mini grills. There is lots to choose from. Australian or Japanese Wagyu, beef tongue in variations and to supplement the meat, noodles, salads, vegetables that can be grilled. Opting for a mixed platter (Omakase style) will allow diners to sample various cuts in small strips, whereas bigger pieces of beef can be ordered too.

Besides top grade beef, Shin Nihon also offers ramen, soups and kimchi. However, it should be pointed out that this really is a place for beef. Try as you might, there is no chicken or pork on the menu. The drinks menu includes local and imported beers as well as a solid selection of wines and sake to go with the meats. The approachable concept makes it easy for anyone new to Japanese cooking to get involved in this and to enjoy the meal to one’s heart’s content.

We recommend Shin Nihon for family gatherings, celebrations or to get a taste for truly amazing beef.

The restaurant is located at:

50480 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Desa Sri Hartamas

No:26-G, Jalan 24/70A

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