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Singapore September 26, 2018 - Singapore survey reveals luxury travellers want to destress and unwind, without breaking the bank A new survey reveals that frequent, high-end travellers cite price as the main driver when planning a luxury holiday and delight over free extras that save money rather than surprise indulgences such as a dedicated butler, complimentary stocked minibar or unlimited free activities. But once at their destination, they will happily spend on food above any other costs. The Luxury Escapes Travel Habits Survey looked at responses from more than 400 Singaporean and resident luxury travellers, revealing that 70% go on at least two-to-three luxury vacations per year, preferring a tropical beachside getaway (80%), followed by a foodie tour (43%) and adventure holiday (36%). The most popular dream luxury destinations are the Maldives (60%), Europe (53%) and Japan (38%). Unlike their global counterparts who are shifting towards immersive experiences, adventure breaks and the desire to get “off the beaten track”, Singaporeans – who are one of the most stressed and overworked globally – simply want to unwind, destress, and reconnect with loved ones.However, despite being price-conscious, Singaporean and resident travellers are not willing to compromise on certain basic standards. Their top three holiday nightmares are a room that is unclean or unhygienic (82%), was not found as pictured (52%), or had rude or unhelpful staff (48%). According to Rajah Chaudhry, Head of Asia, Luxury Escapes, “Singaporeans are generally seasoned travellers, and are spoilt for choice given the nation’s proximity to nearby beachside destinations and the sheer volume of affordable and accessible flights to these locations. “Furthermore, vacation time is even more precious, thanks to long working hours and the challenge of managing work-life balance. Shorter breaks to nearby destinations where hotels and resorts are luxurious and comfortable, and the local cuisine is guaranteed to be delicious, is enough to attract Singapore’s high-end travellers who just want a great experience, multiple times a year, without breaking the bank.” Once reserved for the elite, the definition of luxury travel is changing. While more and more Singaporeans are starting to realise the value of wellness and the benefits of rest and relaxation, luxury travellers are just like any other – they are looking for a good deal and want to make their dollar work harder.Singaporean travellers have come to expect certain inclusions with the price of the room. And the higher the price, the more inclusions they expect. 90% said they would be disappointed if they had to pay extra for breakfast or airport transfers, while club lounge access and happy hour deals on drinks and snacks (65%) were also high on the list of expectations, and would save valuable vacation dollars. On the flip side, when asked what inclusions would delight them the most, spa treatments came in at number three, reflecting the desire for rest and relaxation. When asked their top secret for getting bonus extras, 56% said they watched out for deals on travel websites, while 15% keep going back to the same hotel, and 10% joined their loyalty program.According to Mr Chaudhry, “Traditionally, the only way to get VIP treatment at a hotel or resort was to rack up loyalty points. However, now that travellers have become more discerning, spending hours researching and sorting through various travel websites where you can quickly read reviews, look at pictures and book on demand, luxury hotels have now caught on to this trend. Predicting that this shift was happening, at the heart of the Luxury Escapes business model is putting the traveller’s needs first. Unlike traditional hotel booking websites, Luxury Escapes offers flash deals on vacations that are more than just a bed, in a room, in a hotel. Unbelievable prices coupled with amazing free inclusions help to round off a perfect vacation experience.“We’ve long known that the luxury traveller is just like any other – looking for quality, value and convenience, with price being the main driver for decision making,” said Mr Chaudhry. “Despite traditional beliefs that high-end travellers want to splurge while on vacation, this survey confirms that Singaporean and resident travellers seek value above anything else. What we provide, unlike most other travel providers, are bonus inclusions such as sunset cocktails, daily meals, spa treatments, lounge access, airport transfers and more, designed to give the traveller the ultimate VIP experience at the same price or less than what you would pay for just the room,” said Mr Chaudhry.“From saving money on meals and airport transfers, to enjoying tangible luxuries such as spa treatments or a more general feeling of ‘comfort’ and ‘feeling special’, we guarantee our customers enjoy the five-star experience without breaking the bank, making luxury travel convenient, accessible and affordable no matter your taste and preferences.” “Our 1 million travellers to date have already enjoyed an amazing Luxury Escape at a great deal, and we do not disappoint,” said Mr Chaudhry.

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