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  • 27-Mar-17

Singapore, March, 2017 – Family, friends, chilled craft beers, boozy cocktails, a seemingly simple yet stunning menu, fantastic value, and an amazing view of Marina Bay - these are just some reasons that make LeVeL33’s rooftop drinking and dining an exceptional Saturday lunch venue.

Out is the traditional brunch buffet and in with a menu unlike any other served at LeVeL33. The carefully conceptualised dishes by Executive Chef Jimi Tegerdine are unassuming yet perfect – preserving the pristine flavours and textures of the glorious produce from all over the world.

Taking inspirations from the favourites in Singapore and his past travel experiences, Chef Jimi wanted his menu to be one that can be shared – put everything in the centre and let everyone dig in. Not one for sharing? That’s perfectly alright. With three different serving sizes selections, from small bites to bigger plates and ultimately to his signature creations – there is bound to be something for everyone.

Smaller Plates

Waldorf, the famous salad originally created in 1893 in New York gets a slight facelift at LeVeL33 – the crunch of the apples is served with torched goat cheese, juicy grapes, caramelised walnuts and shreds of celery. Quite similar to Singapore’s favourite midnight snack, the prata, LeVeL33’s Roti is served with an aromatic tangy curry sauce. The flaky, buttery griddled roti when dipped in the tangy curry sauce infused with the house India Pale Ale, almond flakes and toasted coconut has depth to cure any Friday night hangovers!

Typically made with seafood, the restaurant presents a vegetarian version of the classic ceviche using artichoke. Light and crisp, the Grilled Artichoke Ceviche is the perfect summer dish. It is served with samphire, Goan masala paste and coconut water – the sprigs of fresh coriander enhance the flavor of this refreshing and aromatic dish. With the aim of bringing out the best of fine produce, Confit Salmon is prepared with simple steps to retain the natural blush of the fish and deep ocean flavour. Strips of salmon and avocado are tossed in a dressing of herb oil and squid ink.Bigger Plates

The LeVeL33 Pork Belly is a glorious tender meat that is slow-cooked until it almost falls apart. Holding it together is the crisp shell crusted with a marinade of LeVeL33’s House Porter BBQ sauce. The serving of cabbage slaw takes away the guilt – ever so slightly! The Soft Shell Crab is simply beautiful. This Japanese delicacy takes center stage on a green mango salad, combined with chunks of crispy pork belly. The key to this fabulous dish is its specially concocted sauce - a 33.1Blond Lager chili jam. Swoon over the fragrance of the next dish from the kitchen. The Fried Rice consists of tasty bits of beef brisket, braised with light spices and fermented greens. Topped with a golden poached egg, it is simple yet irresistibly good. A vegetarian option of this dish is available too.

Signature Plates

It’s Saturday and a bit of traditional naughtiness ought to be on the menu. The Bacon “Man Cakes” is a stack of fluffy, golden brown banana pancakes, fresh berries, clotted cream layered in a beer mug completed with slices of homemade dehydrated bananas. Did we mention the strip of smoky, savoury bacon on top – oh and the sweet, sinful maple syrup on the side?

This next Japanese inspired dish needs to be ordered as intended by the Chef – rare. The Beef Tataki, using the finest Argentinian tenderloin, is pan-seared ever so slightly, retaining its natural juices and vibrant pink hue. The dish is served with a drizzle of LeVeL33’s signature XO sauce and a dash of mustard for a slight kick.

For a table with family and friends, don’t overlook the Southern Style Chicken with its perfectly crisp golden skin and moist meat. The whole chicken, marinated with spices, is a wholesome dish served with LeVeL33 hot sauce, ranch and 33.4 House Porter BBQ sauce.

Bringon the Sugar!

Something sweet is always essential to wrap up the ultimate weekend brunch. The colourful selection of dessert includes the snappy Pretzel Roulette, an assortment of mini pretzels – some dipped in a layer of chocolate, some with icing sugar, others with butterscotch and more – just perfect for sharing. The Mirrored Doughnut, with a soft fluffy cake and colourful rainbow sugar-sweet marble glaze, is topped with a swirl of whipped cream and cherry – pretty and delicious. Not for the faint-hearted, the Peanut Bacon and Jelly is pure indulgence. This dessert is an ensemble of a 30-second chocolate sponge, peanuts, grape jelly, a slice of savoury bacon and swirls of salted caramel sauce - a jacked-up version of the old-school favourite peanut butter and jelly. The Strawberry Pot is a visually enticing and photo-worthy desert. Served in a small flowerpot, the strawberries are then plucked from a bed of chocolate brownie, chocolate soil and vanilla mousse – yum!

Ah…and the Drinks LeVeL33’s team of mixologists has created a few impressive selections for the weekend diners. The Homemade Coolers are the perfect start or end to the menu. Whether you are in the mood for tropical summer or a coastal breeze, choose from the refreshing flavours such as the passion fruit and pineapple, blueberry and cinnamon lime, and ginger beer plus blood orange. The bar recommends topping these coolers with either a LeVeL33 Craft Beer or sparkling Bellavista Franciacorta. If the Coolers are not compelling enough, the LeVeL33 Bloody Mary, a mix of fresh blend of tomatoes, a hefty dose of vodka, some fresh lime, a kick of tobacco and spices should do the trick. Did we mention the fresh Rum Sangria?

To find out more, please access the full menu here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d2a14f7ddwilxy8/AADUMCUKX4fbTUIqIeT8m0c3a?dl=0

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