All students travelling to the UK are entitled to the exciting double baggage allowance

  • 07:22 AM, 27 Aug, 2020

(Singapore, 26 August 2020) British Airways is launching its popular annual offer for students travelling to the UK, entitling  them to check in an extra piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg, in addition to the current allowance of one checked bag of up to 23kg in the World Traveller (economy cabin). Moreover, these tickets are valid for a year and students can change dates without a change fee.  

The airline will also enable students to book and hold their seats while they wait for their visa and university application to be approved. In the event there are any issues with the applications, they can simply cancel the booking prior to departure. 

Moran Birger, Head of Sales, Asia Pacific and the Middle East at British Airways, said: “Following months of uncertainty caused by the global lockdown, we are delighted to be offering direct flights between Singapore and the UK. We realise that going to university is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we would love for the students to start this adventure with us. Packing for school can be stressful for many students (and their parents!) as there is just so much they wish to bring with them. To help ease this issue, we are proud to continue with the tradition of supporting our students with a more generous baggage allowance.   

“On behalf of British Airways, we wish all the students the best as they embark on this new and exciting journey.”

In response to Covid-19, British Airways has introduced a range of measures to keep its customers safe. Prior to travel, they will receive information on changes at their airport and onboard experience and tips on how to prepare for their journey. Students will also be asked to help manage the wellness of everyone travelling by:

Checking-in online, downloading their boarding pass and where possible self-scanning their boarding passes at the departure gate.

Observing social distancing and using hand sanitisers that are placed throughout airports.

Using new contactless, automated features at our lounges, including a new online food and drink service.

Wearing a facemask at all times and bringing enough to replace them every four hours for longer flights.

Ensuring they have everything they need from their hand luggage before departure, and where possible, storing their carry-on bag under the seat in front of them.

Not travelling if they think they have any symptoms of Covid-19. 

On board, all cabin crew will wear PPE and a new food service has been introduced which reduces the number of interactions required with customers. Surfaces including seats, screens, seat buckles and tray tables will be cleaned after every flight and each aircraft is completely cleaned from nose to tail every day.  

The air on all British Airways flights is fully recycled once every two to three minutes through HEPA filters, which remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters with over 99.9% efficiency, equivalent to hospital operating theatre standards.

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