Stored commercial aircraft update – 25/03/20

  • 05:39 AM, 26 Mar, 2020

‘Note: Chart excludes regional jets’

The rate of contraction of the global in-service passenger jet fleet continues to accelerate unabated, with Cirium reclassifying nearly 800 additional aircraft as stored over the past 24 hours. The grand total of in-active airliners is rapidly approaching 7,000 as the industry sails further into uncharted waters.

Since yesterday’s (24th March) update, Cirium’s research team has identified nearly 300 more Airbus narrowbodies that meet its criteria for having been withdrawn from active duty, while the corresponding figure for Boeing is a little over 200. Widebody fleets continue to be severely impacted, with another roughly 100 Boeing twin-aisles having been parked up, together with approximately 60 more A330s, A340s, A350s and A380s.

Cirium continues to log daily hours and cycles utilisation of the global fleet using its more than 600 sources of flight tracking information.

Looking at the A330 widebody twinjet fleet for Monday 23rd March 2020, just over 300 aircraft operated nearly 600 flights and approaching 3,000 flight hours. These figures have declined by approximately 50% compared with a week earlier (Monday 16th March). A comparison with Monday 25th March 2019 shows a decline of 70% in the number of active aircraft and a close to 80% reduction in daily hours and cycles.

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