HK Express Honours International Guide Dog Day in Support of Flight Accessibility

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  • 06:05 PM, 26 Apr, 2017

 (Hong Kong, 26 April 2017) Hong Kong aims to be a barrier-free destination for all travellers, starting with the airport and flight experience. Since transitioning to a low-fare airline in 2013, HK Express has endeavoured to make travel safe and accessible for every guest.

In honour of International Guide Dog Day today (26 April 2017), HK Express hosted a guide dog familiarisation tour in support of the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association (HKGDA). Taking place at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), two visually-impaired guests and their guide dogs were invited to experience the check-in, security, immigration, and boarding process through HKIA, finishing their tour in a HK Express aircraft.The tour was an excellent opportunity for HKGDA’s in-house trainers to understand HKIA's facilities, which are barrier-free. While most of the travel process follows normal procedures, guests travelling with guide dogs must call the airline at least 48 hours prior to their flights to ensure they have all required documentation to enter and return from their overseas destination with their guide dogs.

“Although many international airlines allow guide dogs to board, it is the first time our visually-impaired members and guide dogs have been invited to experience the on-site boarding procedure at HKIA, thanks to HK Express. We can certainly feel the dedication of HK Express as local company that cares for the visually-impaired,” said Fianna Chi Member Executive Committee/Chairman Committee on Development of the HKGDA. Guide dogs act as a second pair of eyes for the visually-impaired. The HKGDA’s guide dogs are trained to lead the way through everyday and special situations, helping their owners to avoid obstacles and facilitate safe travel.

“We want everyone to enjoy our low fares,” said Luke Lovegrove, Commercial Director of HK Express. “HK Express is committed to equal opportunities and we need to work better at making sure we deliver a smooth and enjoyable flight for anyone of our guests regardless of whether or not they have special needs.”

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