Vietnam Airlines Resumes In-flight Services Given Progress in COVID-19 Containment

  • 09:19 AM, 25 Feb, 2020


Hanoi, 25 February 2020 – Due to the current level of containment in Vietnam, starting on the 24th of February, 2020, Vietnam Airlines will resume the provision of in-flight meals, beverages, and newspapers on domestic trunk routes and international ones taking less than two and a half hours. In-flight services will continue to strictly adhere to all hygiene and safety procedures. These services were previously suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to passengers and crew members.

Business and Premium Economy class passengers will, therefore, be provided hot meals, beverages, and in-flight entertainment, among other services, as before. The flag carrier will also reissue a selection of newspapers to Business and Premium Economy class passengers. Economy class passengers will be served in-flight meals – sandwiches contained in paper boxes for main meals of the day, and prepackaged pastries as the morning, afternoon, and night snacks alongside bottled water. As far as Vietnam Airlines’ renowned in-flight entertainment, passengers will get to listen to the music of their choice and enjoy a plethora of trending TV series and movies.

Domestic trunk routes where such normal service resumption is to be applied include those between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City / Can Tho / Phu Quoc; between Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong / Van Don and international routes that take less than two and a half hours between Hanoi and Vientiane / Siem Reap / Phnom Penh / Bangkok / Myanmar / Malaysia / Kaohsiung; between Ho Chi Minh City and Vientiane / Siem Reap / Phnom Penh / Bangkok / Myanmar / Malaysia / Singapore / Hong Kong. Other international routes not listed above have been unaffected by service alterations amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Vietnam Airlines has taken active measures, including disinfecting aircraft, refraining from distributing reusable items, altering cabin temperatures and enhance maintenance of HEPA filters on aircraft capable of removing up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, as recommended by the WHO and aircraft manufacturers – putting the safety of passengers, pilots, flight attendants, staff members, and the public first. Joining the efforts of the Government of Vietnam, the flag carrier goes to great lengths when it comes to the health of its staff members and passengers.

Vietnam Airlines is drafting its recovery scenarios for when the COVID-19 epidemic comes to an end in Vietnam and other countries, aiming to resume operational normalcy quicker, rebuild more sustainably, generate healthy travel demand, and promote Vietnam as a safe and promising destination.

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